Junior Golf Tournament Highlights (Philippines)

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Moses Paskowitz says:

im 13 and my hcp is 8 go mo

KnockOut22 says:

damn he is a slow fucking player.. Seems good but pick up the pace on the
green man, he walks so slow. chop chop kid

AlLtHinGZmAnLY says:

Great player, 5* but would it hurt to smile and be more enjoyable towards
the sport ie. don’t drag feet and clubs etc. But great golfer all the same

zzz2tl says:

yes, thank you!

Brett Sullivan says:

Do mostly rich people golf in the Philippines?

zzz2tl says:

Agree. Are you any good?

Veronica Potter says:

i started almost a year ago and i love it

zzz2tl says:

since he was 4… he’s now 14

golfkidvt says:

Good job polo. Perfect plane

zzz2tl says:

thanks! be seeing you someday!

zzz2tl says:

thanks. during that time, not so long…maybe around 120 yards only. but
now, i can hit 210-220

fetterkater1 says:

hey i am 12 aswell. I play golf since 11 yrs. My father is teaching pro.
wots ur handicap?

zzz2tl says:

you stupid moron

nojomen2 says:

Lol he throw the ball 100 yards and everyone is impressed I do it 250 and
no one care, just nothing special im sorry, give me your name and ill try
to remember it to see if you get to pga. You wont,

zzz2tl says:

thanks for the nice words and advice.

mitch7868 says:

are u fuckin kidding me…if they play solidly…unless theyre pushed so
far that they hate the game then yeah…but if they play golf that level
that young they will make the tour…

zzz2tl says:

i was 8 years old then.. thank you

coldplaygolfingdude says:

nice but beleive me when i say that 95 percent of these kids will never
make it on tour

WhySafeK0 says:

maybe if he didnt take 3 minutes to read his putt at 1:40 he may of got it

Shadowkitty113103 says:

I can see him becoming a proffessional golf player. He is really good. I
can’t imagine what hell be like in 10 years. He has a good steady putt

deathrow47 says:

white trash!

DDRPhoenix says:

man this kid looks very mature.

DDRPhoenix says:

i swear its like watching midgets play. lol

WackySquirrels says:

WOW! WOW! WOW! WOW! Unbelivelble! your fantastic! I subscribed to your
channel. you know i’m 13 years, old and I love to golf. I’m pretty good,
almost as good as you, but not quite. I’m a okay ball striker, but my
putting sucks! I could NEVER make some of the putts you made! Your amazing!
Please keep in touch. 🙂

Marc Butler says:

he’s not that good

superX9174 says:

how long have you been playing? this is my 2nd month and im going to take

TheRaymond7896 says:

lol its sad, im 15 and im only a little bit better 😛


yehh in the water great shot :L thinning the ball everything

pokebros987 says:

Fist pump ftw

jutas98 says:

Great!!!! Champion!!!!

Beast says:

im 11 (not to be mean) but i play golf and he should take a little less
time on his putts and he jumps a little when he swings but overall good for

LAS31000 says:

I think its funny that he is 8 and has a caddy and im 14 and on the high
school golf team and have to carry my bag

zzz2tl says:

i’m now 12. my last game? scored a 75 on a par 68. it was in canyon woods,
tagaytay city philippines. try to check the slope rating and course layout
through the web.

superX9174 says:

this kid is pretty good im 15 5-6 and 120 pds im undersized and i just went
to the driving range and hit 220

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Dylan Buesel says:

wat did he end up shooting and whats his handicap

later6 says:

where’d did u get dat idea?

yacoub789 says:

@x14xJproductionsx14x im 12 and my average drive is 210metres

iluvgolfify says:

im 13 and i have a 2.8 handicap

BassGuitarMan101 says:

good short game , off the tee not bad!!!!!

quadbikerjosh says:

wt club wos u using when u hit over the water the 1 were it went in the

bobby storts says:

im 14 and my handicap is 0, and my scoring average is 69.3. All thanks to
my dad. NO COACH

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