Justin Thomas – Slow Motion Driver Swing Analysis

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Justin Thomas golf swing illustrates how to maximize your driver distance given your swing speed. There are two keys that you can learn from his driver move. One is how to create axis tilt and a positive angle of attack. The other is understanding how you must square the club face in order to have lag/body rotation.


Ira Shoff says:

AT 1.32 JT has "jambed his left knee damn hard. This is the new thing. But how long willl his knees last doing that? Wow.

Don Baneham says:

Zalitoris does this too

楊維賢 says:

As an analysts of Justin Thomas's swing style should focus and explain those unique features:
1. how and why he raised his shoulders for higher backswing top.
2.how and why he sticked his right upper arm on the outside of the right chest.
3. how and why he straighten his left leg backward and seemed no weight shift.
4. how and why he kept the left hand at front and lower than the right hand as long as possible.
5. where and what and why he did for changing hands relative position.
6. what and how he did as the last meaningful action.

楊維賢 says:

Reduce the rotational factor, pay more attentions on what he did as the wrists reach the lowest point(or when his left arm was vertically downward). He tossed the handle to produce a spinning torgue to make the club head runs faster than the shaft .
Before impact , pushing downward to release the centrifugal force of club head.

sawy78 says:

I obtained these golf swing stra tegies , Jοmtοnο Naha (Go ogle it), read it in a single night, and the next day at the driving range applied it. I was amazed when I quickly hit my irons with proper divots with solid impact. I attained 10-15 yards more distance than the usual distance I have with my irons. Check it out yourself!.

Snake Pliskin says:

He's using athletic ability to get that swing to work. Coming up on the toes is going too far for 117mph. He could hit off the left heel and use free leverage like Freddie, Jack and Tiger instead of the jumping move.

Jonathan says:

This was one of the most poorly executed swing analysis videos 🙁

Kristin W. says:

Great video 👍👍👍

Gregg Aronoff says:

Look at how early his weight is on his left foot, unbelievable

b0b Jewell says:

notice his left leg,being pull back by left hip ,not much weight on leg around impact,it is more rotation then slide.

Johnny Parker says:

After watching Lee Trevino drive videos I tried the most obvious feature of his swing which to me was the head tilting back just before impact. This has a straightening effect on the ball flight.

JR says:

Looks painful on the back

Scott says:

Love to see an overlay of Champ/JT. 🙏🏼 Think that’d be a fascinating comparison. I know the photos I’ve seen of Champ have had the hands very high at impact despite a super shallow plane during transition.

Scott Edwards says:

I wished to find out about correct Golf swing and the “mowosam press” (Google it) was the first guide I chose. Highlighted in the guideline are considerable advices like choosing the proper club model and length depending on your arm length, height, and shoulder width. Through the training lessons in the tutorial, I am able to decrease my handicap to 15 from 22 in a year..

Dreama 40 says:

I think his vertical back swing aka Jack Nicklaus is a key factor as well to his success.

Benoit Belair says:

almost a copy of the jamie sadlowski's swing.

Shellcracker Lover says:

I enjoy these swing breakdowns, but let's be clear, one word sums up these professionals: FLEXIBILITY

I'm 43 with a fraction of the flexibility that JT has, so these swings simply aren't realistic for me, or 98% of the golfing public for that matter, to copy.

Teach impact, read Bobby Clampett's book about impact. If you can get to impact consistently as described in Clampett's book, you'll greatly, greatly improve your scores. The golf swing has lots of window dressings. Lag, open face, shut face, one piece take away, etc., are all window dressing facets of the swing. Impact is where it's at and impact is undersold for some reason.

Milky Way Galaxy says:

At 1:36 his head is pointing down about 2 feet behind the ball at impact. Tiger does the same thing. His left foot comes off the ground after impact—very Bubba Watson like.

Sandman4224 says:

Powerful swing but the real reason he lifts his front foot is so that he can hit the ball and not the ground while keeping his head down. Bubba Watson does the same thing. Simple physics. If you want to learn the physics of the golf swing as the body is designed search for any Mike Austin video.

ikaleris1 says:

BS comment…

Altona64 says:

I'm no expert but wondering, if one key element here is maybe his left leg wright before impact? I struggle with my back foot coming off the ground way to early and this results in too much weight shift. I noticed that Justin Thomas in this example is straighten his left leg so much, that his front foot is coming off the ground. Maybe this helps him keep his weight where it should be and neutralizing his coming-off-to-early-back-foot?

Taylor Keating says:

Maybe because he isnt flat arm and plany like Justin rose … Defianly natural move beautiful lag . he stays back more than most hints hook draw and snap miss .. But got mad lag .. Beautiful move . yawn lol always a few haters .. His track record speaks for itself all good

Cr8ive Amboy77 says:

compare clubface at impact.. the amateur clubface instantly closes shut like a car wrapping around a lamp post. the ball is less than 2oz.. JTs clubface stays the same as it goes thru golfball like it was going thru air..

Andrew Linch says:

If you have a smash factor of 1.52 you change nothing, just keep winning and counting the money lol.

Geoffrey O'Brien says:

Great analysis. Logical and clear.

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