Longest Drive Comp Nike Covert Driver Vs TaylorMade RBZ Stage 2

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Rick Shiels PGA says:


doug weber says:

good job- FWIW, real world numbers- so everyone is on the same page-
Average carry at Humana last week was 265- on Callaway driving grid- total
drive w/rollout average according to sir dick faldo was 277, for all
players, …..in the desert, no wind! Longest 2 balls on Thursday were
285, and 289, rollout of 305, and 298. Ishikawa and Jonahthan Vegas- look
it up on VCR. 300 yd carries on a golf course require over 122 SS.
Balls regularly roll out 30-70 yards, making a 265 shot, end up 295+, up
to 335 minimum. As a mater of fact, Rory nailed a drive 284, no wind,
down the fairway- in Dubai last week, rarely carried his drives over 290.
Look it up! BTW, 3 longest on tour last 10 years were Hank Kuehne,
Victor Schamkrugg, and T. Finau. Look it up!
LDA is another sport- minimum SS of 135- 152 mph. Look it up! Jamie
Sadlowski & Zubak among thousands of LDA’ers can carry it 380 regularly!

Mike Minnis says:

322 yards out of 107 mph club head speed? OK…….

Collapse says:

That’s right Man Utd!!!

tweetweettiger says:

Whenever I use the trackman at the golf stores it’s always over-inflating
my distances. I’ll be told 305 when in reality I’m hitting 275 max on the
course using ProV1x or Penta. 

Chris Lujan says:

the covert driver was significantly longer in the video…I’m just a
beginner so correct me if I’m wrong, but shouldn’t that make a difference

David Simpson says:

More like Chelsea vs Real Madrid! 

Jaren Whitehouse says:

Stop referencing soccer. It’s irritating.

tweetweettiger says:

I have the Covert and trimmed the shaft from 45 3/4 to 44 1/4. Most
reliable and predictable driver I have ever used. Previous drivers were
Titleist 910 and Nike SQ ’09. My distance usually falls between 255-270
yards straight or slight fade. Couldn’t be happier. 

Daniel Lewis says:

Pretty funny, the guy is hitting it 300+ and people are trying to give him
tips. About 1-2% of all golfers can hit it that far. Not to mention he was
hitting it really straight too.

BOYF LT says:

105 mph swing speed = 320 yard drive? My average swing speed is 104 mph and
I average about 280 off the tee with a slightly lower launch angle.

Neil Ashworth says:

I’m confused Rick. Just watched your comparison video between the Covert &
Covert tour and they averaged 250yrds but here it’s averaging 300yrds.
Because it’s a longest drive comp are you trying harder or has the
monitoring equipment you used changed?

Deltarocks1 says:

How do you hit the ball as straight as you do and with the power that you
hit it with? I tend to hit a pretty bad slice and so I usually have to aim
to the left of the fairway when i tee off so that when it slices it will
slice back onto the fairway instead of slicing out of bounds. I was hitting
today at a couple golf shops and I was hitting about 215 yards and I was
thinking that with me being a bigger guy I should be able to hit it at
least 250+.

Joseph Cyr says:

i question the carry distance he is getting, those monitors often give you
a greater carry than you would realistically get on any golf course. 

Todd Brown says:

Better carry distance by the Covert so I say it wins

ScaleDownVrsionOfGod says:

What about the dispersion, Rick ;-)

Pax217man says:

The 322 screwed up the avg. I think the Nike is the overall most
consistent with distance at 300+ but the RBZ is more consistent flying
straight, so pick your poison distance over control

steelpanther88 says:

you need to make a non-biased review about drivers… take a short rest
break between clubs so you are able to get max power on the SECOND club for

csaun9001 says:

Good video, thanks! Currently looking at both drivers, so it was great for
me. I think I am going with the Nike as I really like the look of it. The
red is sweet!

JB Golf says:

I have the covert. Longest drive with it is 293. It’s a great club

Kaezer k says:

I was leaning towards the RBZ before watching this vid, but you let the
Covert down with a poor last drive at the end there so I’m now looking into
the Covert as an option.

Steve Porter says:

Can you test the covert against an older long club like the sq 5900

Ira Shoff says:

OMG all these critics. I like these comparisons as they are. Thanks for
sharing them.

Ira Shoff says:

Wow! would like to see the Mizuno JPX Driver up against one of these bad

kainoamh says:

Is that an indoor ski resort next to the range?

Joshua Berry says:


Yes I am aware as I am a golf professional. My angle of attack may be
steep, I have not looked at it yet. I thought maybe my smash factor was low
but it is actually very close to max and is very consistent as well. The
same goes for my centeredness of contact. 

Suplinks Mover says:

Fix your left shoulder first!

PunkRockPat says:

great video! thumbs up and subscribe.
p.s I support Man. U as well.

TheArfdog says:

Rick, good testing. Maybe expand your group to 6 good shots. That would be
more statistically meaningful. Also, I would suggest using an “efficiency”
calculation. Yardage/mph club speed. R1 2.728 Anser 2.747 Covert 2.911 RBZ
2 2.828 G25 2.715 Razr 2.659 X-hot 2.743 Cobra 2.618

mick mueller says:

What ball is he hitting?

Lawrence Hathaway says:

You don’t know how to say the letter Z

AvatarX-Mr.K- says:

Considering you hit the RBZ with a clubheadspeed that’s 3 MPH higher on
average, the Covert is actually longer isn’t it?

Clooney8888 says:

Rick, thanks for an informative video. Man United fan here as well!

Ben Anderson says:

Youre an unpatriotic pussy

Nick Moskal says:

He meant 350-360 feet.

Jason Cooper says:

he doesnt use the driver because he is more accurate with the 3 wood. also
his woods are covert

Hidden02 says:

This is why you should ALWAYS get fitted for the driver. I swung all four,
both none tour and tour of each. I hit both of the Nike’s like crap and
even at contact it felt horrible. I ended up getting RBZ2 standard head
(tour added nothing) with XS tour-shaft, they even had one with the 1/2″
cut off that I tried, and swung the best. Ball-speed, Consistency on
contact and feel for me was RBZ2 hands down. I went wanting to buy the
Nike, I am so glad I got fitted.

XBlueRaid3rX says:

Also after reading some of the other comments about the skeptical number I
would say that he has the setting in the Flight Scope set for down wind and
firm conditions to make it look like he is a long knocker. Nice try though

Abraham Jorge says:

rbz is better. he covert is not accurate even on tiger woods and rory
mcilroy, if you watch golf you can see that tiger is not playing with the
driver but with a 3 wood even on a par 5.

Spo-Town Twigs says:

look forward to seeing you on tour Rory. unless your clubhead touches your
left knee in your back-swing, im gonna go ahead and say no to this one,

Paul Salonen says:

Me hitting the rbz stage 2, feel free to give advice 🙂 /watch?v=dbv85YzpFK8

5drum5 says:

Both great clubs! The covert is more forgiving on off center hits.

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