Low Amateur Doug Ghim Excites Augusta

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Eclectical_ says:

Love this kids energy. Excited to see him in the future, seems lile a great kid.

Ur Mama says:

after last shot it looks like his dad thought he won after trying to do sum quik mafs

Mike Birnie says:

why would anyone post a thumbs down??

The Tick says:

Such a beast!

James Coyne says:

Bet it was the only stand bag in the tournament, and Dad
on the bag is really great!

Me Too says:

All smiles…:)))))))
Young man is having a great time

Honz Tapu says:

Well done Ghim look foward to seeing how u go in the coming seasons

Kevin Chun says:

+8 for the Tournament. 72-76-74-74 (296)

Eric Walsh says:

Really stupid they never showed what he scored.

brett allen says:

had DAD on the bag. awesome experience for both of them

Ernest Trujillo says:

What did he shoot?

ijcn0jir3nvjn3fjcifn says:

Brilliant, well done, amazing player

Austin Frazier says:

Hook 'em!

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