Met PGA Junior Tour Championship! Golf Tournament Footage

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Brookston Sauder says:

Jackson do you think you could do another whats in the bag or another course vlog??

CoinDoctor1 says:

It looked like you hit some decent shots that did not go your way on a tight driving course.  I think you struggled too much from the rough though, it will always kick your butt unless you practice out of it and own it.  I think you also know this, and maybe you could do a commentary after at the end of the video, and tell others what you will do to improve.  This helps you as well as them.

jambo10 says:

that course looks hard man !

Bruv Bare says:

Hi loved the video , I was thinking about buying a golf stand bag could you recommend any thanks?

Kaleb Wilson Golf says:

Where do you get your music also great video!

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