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Rick Shiels test the Mizuno
The MP-5 sits neatly between Mizuno’s classic blades and smaller players cavities. The Channel Back concept was refined through a harmonization of CAD design and traditional Japanese craftsmanship. Pro to low single figure handicaps recommended.
I deliver straight talking, easy to follow, honest, professional, calculated advice to all of my viewers from beginner to tour pro. This tried and tested method of coaching has helped many golfers achieve their personal goals and beyond.

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aznsensation027 says:

What kind of equipment did you use to track your shots? thx

over opinionated says:

They are NOT blades..They are Muscle Backs
Easy to hit..perfect distance control every time
Dont be afraid of them..forged muscle for everyone..

lilly bloom says:

The Mizuno MP4s are the best feeling clubs on the market today. If you're a feel player, who likes to feel the ball when it touches the face, then you'll love the MP4s.

Fred C says:

amazing your club is almost beyond parrallel at the top. nice swing..

Brian Stratton says:

Time for Mizuno to sponsor you so you can put them in the BAG!!!

Brian Stratton says:

You should have put em in the BAG!!!!

Brian Stratton says:

Never seen you hit so straight!!!!

majorsmythe1 says:

Crossfield approves of this video.

Rich habibi says:

I change clubs FAR too often . . . I do my own club work, so I like to play around with shafts and heads. I'm a 7.1 hdcp, 44 years old. I picked up a set of these at the very end of last year. I have hit almost everything over the years and have found great clubs, but moved to something new within a couple of months….. I have played these all year. Never once considering changing. I play golf to hit great shots. To make birdies. And these clubs are everything I want in an iron. I can flight them and work them easily, and no I don't work every shot. Their flight is not high or low, they're just extremely accurate clubs. The giddy look on Rick's face? That "I could stand here and hit 4 irons all day", I get to have that every time I play. Don't be scared. If you hit all your shots thin and on the toe, get a lesson. Practice. It was 39 degrees here, walked 18. Never harsh on the hands. They feel as good as they look. My only question is whether I get a second set for when I wear these out.

Ryan Belcher says:

I'm a 12 handicap. I have tested these out and love them. But I'm worried I'm getting in over my head. I can't decide if I should go with CB 716 or MP 5's. what do you think?

Enhance! says:

Hi Rick, What software and hardware are you using to track the ball and give data? I'm trying to take my game to the next level. Mizuno irons are awesome – demoed these yesterday, really nice feel.

Clinton Worden says:

Hi Rick I've had my Mizuno Mp5 irons KBS X 130 for 4 months and the feel is incredible was really taken back a bit by what shaft I was fitted for do I need to change my driver and 3 wood shafts as well ?

TherymasterWidnes says:

Hi Rick, are these as good (or better) than the 716 MB's?
Cheers mate

YourGirlfriend'sBoyfriend says:

How do these compare to the Nike pro combos and Ping iblades in terms of forgiveness? Thanks

D Cary says:

If you happy with your iron striking, ignore the "meant for" handicap range and try these; they are wonderful to hit and not at all intimidating. Replaced a set of MP25s with these (I found the MP-25s very harsh to hit). Sometimes mix the 5s with H5s – another club with lovely feel, and bit more distance and forgiveness than the 5s.

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