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PGA GOLF PRO RICK SHIELS puts the new TTAYLORMADE TP5 & TP5X GOLF BALL through a vigorous testing process. Taking them from the green all the way back to hitting full drivers. Rick also carries out a durability test with the golf balls


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Jacob Budke says:

I really like the taylormade project a balls

Robert DeGroot says:

Do Srixon z star and z star xv review Rick.

Brian Binnie says:

I'll stay with the project a ball.

Jack Moore says:

As a short hitter for my age (average drive carry 255 at age 18) i still prefer the control round the greens as i feel that makes more of an impact rather than that extra few yards off the tee the lower spinning ball would give me

Antonio CV says:

I think I might be wrong but I think the TP5 competes with the ProV1X. They are switched… red against black and viceversa. Not what Rick is telling…

L. Gyger says:

Your spinrates compared with your launch angle with the driver are amazing! The inside of these balls also look premium. I don't know if I should use those premium balls like these or the Pro V1's. I just don't think a more expensive ball could improve my game. I found some Pro V1's and they feel good, but I don't think I'm good enough to feel a huge difference.

Shredder4405 says:

TP5 VS PRO V1!!!!!!!!!

Alexander Greig says:

When is the Pro V1 vs TP5 video coming?

jbsg01 says:

Hey Rick, would you be willing to do a test between a premium ball like the Pro V1/TP5 against a range ball. I'd really like to see the difference in numbers and I think a lot of us would too

Pete B says:

I'd argue how I hit a ball with my driver makes almost the most difference. If I'm hitting a spin-ier ball I am missing more fairways. Or were you just implying distance wise they are all almost the same?

Juan Díaz says:

Thanks for the video, please announce in advance next time you visit Lumine, I would like to meet you. JP

i Run Hockey says:

Almost holed both of those from 100 yards. ??

Edgar Avila says:

volvik vivid

Dave W says:

Be really interested to see a WILSON DX3 test…I love those balls but not played enough with the Pro V1 or other high end ball to compare.

Clinton Worden says:

Rick if your a high spinning player would you use the TP5 X ??

A Ri says:

Volvik Vivid vs Volvik Crystal

James Frew says:

what witchcraft did you do at the beginning of the video?

Kyle Wilckens says:

"low spin" on the 7i is probably due to the fact that the i200 7i is 33 deg rather than a more traditional 35 deg. So for a 6 iron (which this basically is) that spin is pretty spot on.

Wedge Companies used to make more PW now you have iron companies making more "Gap" wedges. I wonder why?. We should all take a page out of Ben Hogan Ft.Worth book and just refer to lofts.

This loft manipulation by these big iron companies is soooo unbelievably frustrating and doesn't add ANYTHING to quality of the game IMO. Just because a golfer uses a club with a 7 on it rather than a 6 does not mean you are any better golfer or the clubs are any better, just a different stamp. So silly.

The comment about low spin on a 7i may sway someones opinion when its not really accurate. enough rant. all in all I love the reviews, but FULL disclosure on the equipment is what we viewers generally appreciate about this channel. Keep it up.

David Forde says:

Good clip . prefer the softer more spin around the greens !

Ryan Jurgens says:

Great test. Can't wait to try some out. Hopefully I'll find a couple that players will lose in the field OB lol

Andy Titcomb says:

Have had these for a couple months, still prefer Srixon z star.

Reid Harper says:

Love the dramatic pause before he cuts the balls ??

Richard Ruzanka says:

LOVE these new balls! The TP5X is my new ball. It feels incredible.

Why Not? says:

Review the VICE Pro Soft!

PigNoseJones says:

Test the OnCore Avant golf ball

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