PHP #7 – Paradise Season Opener, 2015 (Locastro, Lockwood, Albright, Hedden, Smith)

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Final Round, Open Lead Card Coverage from the Paradise Season Opener presented by Fly Life Disc Golf in Paradise, California on February 15th, 2015.

MPO Players: Nikko Locastro, Isaac Lockwood, Dallas Albright, Kyle Hedden, Don Smith

FPO Players: Sarah Hokom, Jessica Weese


Lava Creek DGC:

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jeffthrow6892 says:

For the most part I love the coverage here!! The graphics on the screen are
terrific. Other than missing filming a few shots, real solid job. Good to
see Nikko TD-ing some these days too……

Vojtech Rozsival says:

nice job. and GREAT music for
the highlights :)

jtmatzke says:

Nice job upgrading to a desk for your last couple of videos. Looks much

Mike Riemer says:

Thanks for doing these. I really enjoy them. Are you going to be on the
road recording any tournaments this season? 

gatrnation2 says:

I just got into disc golf this January and I’m addicted! Love to see the
comradery and compassion these guys have. I also like all the people
willing to give me pointers on the courses, just good down to earth people.

Best of luck on your disc golf channel, love the videos.


Brian Von Stockhausen says:

Fun tournament!! Really cool seeing a home course on video. Footage is
great! Always love watching nor cal tourneys on YouTube. thanks Pavo for
showing the rest of the world how we discgolf. Can’t wait for the next

thekeylimeishere says:

I think this was well done, especially considering it was just the one

Isidro Gonzalez says:

Well done! Where you excel above all other disc golf webcasts is in the
informational graphics. It’s clear you do a lot of post production work.
Thank you.

Kristian Viitanen says:

Sick putting game from all players!!!

Timothy Miller says:

Hole C to the instep basket, got one at home just added chains to the
middle, works great.25th year playing, nice vid.

Richard Koski says:

Your videos are well done but I wish you’d call shots forehand and
backhand. It just sounds more athletic.

MrJumpputt says:

Good job on the video work. I have heard a lot of good things about this
course but I gotta say looks a little boring when everything is a 300′ foot
hyzer shot. 

Norrkopings Discgolf Klubb says:
normlbri says:

Nice work! This course looks awesome!!!

Steve Wilson says:


dsb1829 says:

Good vid, thanks.

Ben Slakey says:

This was a great video, as well as a great course. Funny thing, on hole 5,
I has the exact same spit out that Isaac did. For Mach 3’s these baskets
seem to spit out a lot.

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