PING Prodi G Junior Set

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In this weeks episode, I review the new PING Prodi G Junior Set.

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The Buva Crew says:

I started with plastic clubs when I was 3?

Fore to Four Golf says:

I'm gonna try this with my son's old callaway set. however I am 6'3", so I may need to swing off of my knees 🙂

Rob Biles says:

Randy, yes expensive but with a refit aren't you actually getting 2 sets for the price. One way to look at it.

Jake Lindsay says:

Pretty shocking that other companies don't do Junior clubs like Ping. Pair that how they get into so many college golf programs and you have a customer for life.

william clementi says:

I know this is unrelated to this video but if someone could reply it would be cool. I am a 12 year old boy turning 13 next month. I am 5 foot 5 inches tall and I am a 17.5 handicapper. I was thinking I would like to get custom fitted for clubs for my birthday. I can’t afford new irons but thought that I may be able to get used clubs that fit my custom fit specs. Is that a possibility? Thanks

Kyle Everhart says:


Chris Embardino says:

It's nice to see Ping catching up to the regular club fitting guys. Been doing their "get golf growing" for years now.

SB Habibi says:

Ya'll need to come down to Muncie, Indiana and play Players Club or Cardinal HIlls.. I can be your tourist haha

Heindrich Dyer says:

What does it cost?

Andy Campbell says:

What height ranges can these clubs be fitted for and what are the prices? Thanks long time listener first time caller!

Hack To Scratch Golf says:

God dammit why weren’t these available 3 years ago

john uren says:

These clubs are sick …2 fiddy ..WHOOP.

Tomislav Gaspar says:

Thanks so much for this video!!! Love it, especially because I am looking to buy my litlle boy some new clubs.

Tyler Egan says:

33 years old, 5’7 is ping prodigy for me?…???

Scott Fitton says:

"Put that on YouTube!" That's gold.

This was so fun to watch, though my son is only approaching 11 months old and still has some time before I can force him to come play golf with me. I remember my grandfather taking me out to play for the first time and just being in awe of what was going on around me, even if I didn't have a clue as to what I was doing.

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