PRO GOLFERS Reveal The Secret To Shoulder Turn You Won't Believe What They Do (golf swing tips)

Mark Crossfield, shares the difference between the pros and amateurs when it comes to your shoulder turn in the golf swing.

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16 thoughts on “PRO GOLFERS Reveal The Secret To Shoulder Turn You Won't Believe What They Do (golf swing tips)

  1. Great video!

    This is what Tom Watson did years ago to feel an OTT move. Except in reality his trail shoulder did a 3/4 under turn of his body to force his lower body; lead hip and knee; to get out of his way for his club head to strike directly at and through his ball to the end of his swing. Cheers ??⛳️?

  2. thank you so much!!! I have been working so damn hard on my rotation correcting the movements of hips, knees, arms, elbows, posture etc… nothing worked((( continued turning around with all the mistakes you demonstrated ((( that really depressed me so much! now I feel like I finally got it… going to try right away!

  3. Good interesting video,ive managed to get down to 5 hcp in my 60s and this is what ive learned!Most golfers confuse the Shoulders (which are the main speed producers, as in any athletic event/other sport you've played well) with the Torso.
    Most golfers swing the Clubhead away or pick it up, with their hands and arms then turn their Torso,this is weak and underpowered so they then use their right shoulder at the top to power the clunead at the ball.
    Im going to ignore lower body action and ground pressure which is obv vital But focus on the chest/pecs micro seconds early helping activate/load the shoulder joint muscles,the handle is the last thing to move.Both shoulder/pec are turning down around and up,It is this sequencing that keeps the club away from you and ignites your athletic muscles and motion.
    Golf is like tapping your head and rubbing your stomach, this action is the head tapping and ground pressure,lowerbody action is the rubbing your stomach!

  4. Man this video is money, I just had my first golf lesson today, and this was my biggest challenge, definitely implementing these tips! Seems like it will work

  5. Are flat shoulder turns resulting from something else? What is the cause? Tight wrists? Improper grip? It’s impossible to think of body parts when swinging and to swing…

  6. I started doing too much held side bend, and I couldn’t get my club path neutral from in to out. What I did to get a closer to neutral path is simply extend right arm down as I rotated. Made for such simple swing thought and a much straighter and predictable ball flight.

  7. Another way to think about it is that it helps fix the head position during down swing before impaction. Lowering trail shoulder will help keep some gap between your chin. Your head will less likely move. Makes sense to me.

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