Ranking EVERY F1 Driver of the 2010s!

Title says it all. 66 drivers raced in F1 from 2010-2019, but who was the best?

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0:00 Introduction
1:13 66-61
5:20 60-51
11:31 50-41
18:25 40-31
27:23 30-21
36:11 20-11
51:57 10-1

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11 thoughts on “Ranking EVERY F1 Driver of the 2010s!

  1. Mate you're an English lad! Please never say jagWAAAR again, it's jaguar! JAGYOUARAE! Don't be American ???? its not a good look.

  2. Andre Lotterer is one of the best Racecar drivers of the 2010s. Shame he never got a break in F1. I know him, he is a really nice and charming guy, but he us utterly insane. Even for a racing driver. I even drove against him in Audi Roadcars. Let's just say it didn't go well for me.

  3. I started with the most recent video, 1990's. Then 2000's now doing this vid the oldest. There's 96 rank drivers from the 90's not counting a handful of non starters. Bravo, what history and pictures.

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