Rick Shiels, Hollywood, NFL, and Football Stars play The Open Invitational | Full Highlights

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Celebrity names and prominent influencers from the world of sport and entertainment gathered to compete in The Open Invitational.

The event featured a number of sporting superstars which includes England football internationals Jordan Pickford and Jermaine Jenas, NFL champion Victor Cruz, world-title winning boxer Tony Bellew and Indian international cricketer, Yuvraj Singh.

They were joined by Hollywood actress Kathryn Newton, actor and presenter of ITV’s ‘The Chase’, Bradley Walsh, and renowned influencers that include Blake Gray, Calfreezy, Margaux Brooke and Marques Brownlee.

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Kristian von Magius says:

those numbers at the start when presenting the players.. MKBHD has 17 mil subs on Youtube.. not 4.. right?

Scuttler John says:

Calfreezy forget his clubs ?

DEEVO808 says:

Is it bad that I’ve only heard of Rick and victor cruz ………🤷🏽‍♂️

spodbw1 says:

Who are these people?

MARTIM D says:

This is fun, the digital stats are wrong do….

SuperB63AMG says:

Wow! Kathryn Newton is a pretty good golfer. Awesome!👍🏼

horsthorst007 says:

Rick and Calffeezy – What a combo!!😂😂

Matthew Currier says:

AAhhhh; the perks of being powerful.

Tobias Ball says:

Bellew??! Awesome.

Omar Ali says:

Where’s the birdie sauce 🎉

Ryan Yaghmoorian says:

Good idea putting Rick in the thumbnail and title!

Lee Colburn says:

Grounded club in the bunker. Doesn’t count.

Ricardo P says:

should have invited DJ Khaled

Ramblinwreck24 says:


Jimmy Culp says:

not counting Shields hdc? He barely broke 90 a few days ago on this same course?

Jimmy Culp says:

The girl with the checkered skirt has the best move!

Peter Finch Golf says:

What a blast! Great day great peeps

Mightymole says:

Don't you just hate the British accent specially coming from a woman. Not sexy. 😏

Art G says:

Let’s get our language right, victor Cruz is the only football player, the other two “footballers” aren’t and they’re called soccer players

John Eccles says:

Wow that’s amazing

DanLoudShirts says:

Is Rick Shiels just Baby Bellew??

J says:

Great fun despite the lady grounding her club in the bunker before holing it.

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