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In this double feature video once concept will be covered, the movements of the right arm, and wrist in the backswing to the top of the swing. There is also a product review during this video. The rotator which is a new product to the golf world. This product helps you learn many new position feelings. In this video, it help educate what the top of the swing should or could feel like.

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Tommy Ruff says:

Thanks Jared for your tips on the backswing. One I found interesting ( and haven’t heard of before )was holding your right forearm parallel to the spine at the top of the backswing. I’ve always had my right elbow and forearm pointing straight down to the ground at this point of the swing . I am always willing to try new things in my swing so I thought I’d give your tip a try and wow, for me there was instant success . It definitely helped me with over the top and pulled shots . I felt much more confident approaching the ball on the inside with the downswing. The position felt really powerful. I am really interested in the dynamics of the golf swing and really would appreciate your explanation on how and why this approach is beneficial. Thanks again for your advice , it definitely helped me .

Scott Robinson says:

External rotation, bro.

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