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Rory McIlroy has been accused of breaking a golf rule during the opening round of the 2023 Open Championship at Royal Liverpool and golf fans have gone mad. A LOT of golf fans are saying it is double standards and that if the same thing had happened to a LIV golfer then there would have been a lot more talk. The open 2023 and the open championship has been a brilliant one so far, but it seems like Rory McIlroy is the major talking point now! We have seen a couple of couples been accused of cheating in the past such as patrick reed, phil mickelson and now Rory McIlroy.

In this video we will go through the reaction, whether Rory McIlroy did actually cheat at the open or not, the rules for golf and then take a closer look at the bunker shot incident. Find out exactly what happened in todays breaking golf news and golf news video

Rory McIlroy does has some haters though, specifically, those that are fans of LIV Golf. The liv golf tour has been a major talking point since the liv golf pga tour merge! No professional golfer except Tiger Woods has carried more water for the PGA Tour over the last 13 months..


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BACK 9 FILMS says:

what do you think? Help me decide..

Bruce S says:

If we are going to go down this road lets review every shot of every player and see how close the caddie gets to a player's line as he takes a stance. This is a big deal about nothing.

Downtown Wonder says:

I think his caddie for a second thought Rory was going to climb out of the bunker and his caddie was going to assist him if that was the case

Turd Ferguson says:

Rory cheated at the US Open as well and got away with it, nothing new.

David Chipman says:

Who cares he won’t be winning anyway

Denis S. says:

The caddie wasn't directly behind him in a direct line, no penalty. 😂

Slw Snowman40 says:

Why's the player penalized and not the caddy? That seems like a rule aimed at caddy's behavior. If I was in Rory's position, I'm certainly not paying attention to where my caddy is.

P W says:

Thats why Rory readjusted. Rory cheated. Period.

Lester Koon says:

I think this calls for more of a description in the rules on when “taking a stance “ actually begins. Clearly we need more clarity on the situation. If it’s a grey area then how do you issue a penalty. Maybe a warning at best but def need more clarity in the rules going forward

WD C says:

I actually didn’t see the shot live, but you said you don’t think Rory or his caddie “cheated”. That’s totally different than saying he didn’t violate the rules of golf. You can violate a rule without cheating. To me, the simple question would be, did Rory take his stance and the caddie walked into his line behind him. If so, it sounds like a rules violation…not cheating.

Doublez899 says:

Does seem like a petty rule and I doubt it was on purpose. However, intent or not he deserves a penalty stroke. Assess the penalty and move on. I’m sure the rule would be altered next year as a result.

tom Jenn says:

I am not a Rory fan but let's get real, does this really help the golfer? This is BS and I don't care who the golfer is!

Snaphookright says:

If you can clearly determine that he took his stance when the caddie was in the through line, then it is an infraction. If you cannot, then you have to take Rory at his word. As far as protecting the field, only the top players have cameras on them, so that criteria is unevenly applied.

Joe McNamee says:

You need to find something more interesting, looking too hard for problems to help you ratings.

Kelly Coates says:

There was nothing wrong with what he done, the caddy can't stand behind him while he's addressing the ball to play his shot, he readjusted after his caddy moved therefore no penalty.

John Angle says:

The Rory fanboys are blind to anything when it comes to their boy. Yes it’s a penalty

John Candeé says:

Yes, a viewer tweeted the alleged infraction. Is this a "huge" issue? Yes, but only if McIlroy's caddie deliberately positioned himself to help Rory align his shot. If the caddie was inadvertently in the area then it's a nonissue. Does anyone really think (besides the guy watching on TV who tweeted about it) the caddie thought his man would benefit from his position behind the bunker? I seriously doubt that is the case.

MadeInUSA says:

I think it's nit picking. But, it's a rule and I think if it was a LIV player, it would have been handled differently.

Larry Martin says:

Ask a rules expert ,big boy pants golf!

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