TaylorMade RSi Iron Review – Average ppl Try Them!

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Zynthesis says:

Gabe did you make a video of you playing them on the course. I’d like to
see, did you swap them for your current set?

Dtyler171 says:

yeah, those shafts are definitely marketed for a mid-high handicap
player…would have to go for something heavier. 

nicolas oosterlinck says:

I Have the RSi1 for about a month now and i love them! The ball goes very
high and the club makes a beautiful sound!!

PsyQo Kolby says:

Put that 4-iron in your bag especially if you are hitting that baby higher.
It’ll make that 4iron feel like a 6 iron. More confidence for sureeeeee

inspirationbygod says:

I play Ping i5

brown55061 says:

Your swing looks very balanced right now, not over swinging at all.

Anyone ever notice how some irons you pick up off the shelf and the balance
weighting just feelds perfect? I seem to prefer lighter clubs and I
wondered if a lighter swing weight is good or bad, or does it matter at
all? I’ve never been “fitted” so I just don’t have anything to compare it

Christoph Kautz says:

nice swing, doug! :)

Benny Flanagan says:

I play the Titleist AP1 irons 

1badduc996 says:

I play mp-h4 4 iron mp59-5-7 and mp-69 8-pw and mp t4 g,sw,and lw.(combo
set) I think these irons would be great for someone that doesnt get to
practice are playvery often.Somebody that uses alot of the face.
Fortunately i do and am a decent ballstriker so somebody would have to pry
my babies out of my cold dead hands.LOL. Looks,feel,sound and feedback,
Thats what im about. I did play tm drivers for about 5 years till the G30
came out.

Andrew E says:

Where are u staying in Hawaii for a month? In a hotel? Renting an
apartment? Also how are u getting around? Do u have like a rental car for a

Also did you buy those irons, how did you get those irons? Are you going to
keep them for yourself?

titan90000 says:

Wow dci’s! Old school and not forgiving at all.

The RSi 2 irons are not too bad looking. But, I’ll stick with my Mizuno
MP-62 irons. 

PsyQo Kolby says:

Its a pet peeve of mine when people use their glove as a towel to clean the
face of their irons. 

Romband1919 says:

Lol Doug 1.5 handicap from the ladies tees

Ball Striker says:

God, life and the universe, those are three enormous subjects, lol. I love
all three.

3rdgroove says:

Nice review. Not too pushy. Good idea of letting average golfers hit them.
I’m more a fan of blades… cause I like the challenge.
Interesting outfit of yours – have you lost a bet? :-)

Erick Williams says:

great vid. especially getting normal people to hit them. shrug. did doug
really play like a single digit?

Drewb99 says:

I enjoyed your review. I see you are wearing adidas clothing as
well…just don’t become another TM pimp :). 

Shawn Adams says:

I hit these at Golfsmith this past weekend and they felt really good. I
currently use the Taylormade Burner 2.0 and these are considered game
improvement irons but I hit the 7 iron 191 yards with the RSI irons . And
that is really long for me. I usually hit a 7 iron 175 or so if I strike it
well with my Burner 2.0. I generally hit the ball very straight with maybe
a slight fade and I hit these straighter than with less fade. Great review

Brian Artz says:

Love your vids, especially the vlogs, but dude…what are you wearing?

Diego Diaz says:

Gabe, you ever come across the Miura iron collection ?

Man they are so expensive. Just wondered why ?

Brody Vecera says:

I like how you got other people involved and it wasn’t just your own
review. Made video a lot more creditable to me than other review videos.

RoadToThePGA Tour says:

I laugh they go 10 yards longer because the loft is 2 degrees less for
every club 44 degree pitching wedge that’s my 9 iron! And a 17 degree 3
iron that’s my 4 wood lmfao. Let’s make a club that has a 13 degree loft
and call it an2!iron with a bs design club.cHow far can we hit it? Just
shorten the courses.

37zmanlake says:

Great vid dude! Your swing looked extremely in rhythm during this test

titleistfan01 says:

Gabe, How can you get sponsored and make the golf companies send you stuff?

Daniel Withington says:

Nice vid interesting way to hav your socks!!!

AJ says:

Lol. Poor Gabe, had to work pretty hard to get the guys talking. 

Daniel Maly says:

Good review, Gabe. Like the way you let the product speak for itself. Keep
it up!


Very cool video. I would love it if you can do more reviews on clubs
(irons,wedges,drivers and fairways), maybe even some other brands. 

sudipdomala says:

These clubs look so pure. Still stuck with the r9 tp b irons aha

MarcHill83 says:

Feeling like Sean Foley mode in the vid or did you steal those from a 3D
movie? Jk. Nice review!

Romband1919 says:

N u know what else is funny they all use mizuno hahaha

AN Other says:

They need to stop making lofts stronger, courses will just get longer. Play
will get slower, course management and golf course architecture will
deteriorate. This isn’t good for the game!

Dave D says:

Hey Gabe awesome vids buddy keep up the good work. I play ping G20 do you
think it’s worth an upgrade to G30 ??

Frank Mines Jr. says:

Very nice review, I would like to see more reviews on products on from you

John Smith says:

Taylormade sent you an entire iron set? That’s pretty cool.

KM Golf says:

I play taylormade r11 irons. Love taylormade 

Joseph Bernal says:

Just ordered some callaway apex pros 

vivan badhwar says:


Ben Quinney says:

If they are going in your bag, will you do a giveaway of your current

Jin Lee says:

GABE, GIVE ME DEM IRONS!!! Another giveaway time!

HighSpinSwingSpeed says:

Why are you dressed like that and why does that guy golf with a Bluetooth

elaine garst says:


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