The 148th Open – Round 1 Morning Highlights

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Lee Lifting Services Ltd Tony Fitt says:

Should have added good on Darren Clarke, played well steady, keep ut up.

Lee Lifting Services Ltd Tony Fitt says:

The expectations of Riry are just too great, the press people pump it up too much, local lad from near portrush etc, then the wheels fall off. He's going to struggle to make the cut.
With regards to coverage, we miss the BBC doing their 10 hours per day, there again it's down to price.

John-boy says:

Doesn't look like we'll have Tiger dueling Rory for the trophy in this one, too bad. I'd love to see Lee Westwood get in the hunt

Mark Power says:

McIlroy a disgrace… He shud be ashamed.

Nola Joe says:

Wait? Steve Grillo is pro golfer now?? ?

A R says:

Darren Clarke nice hair transplant or wig.

Michael says:

Wow, Rory.
+4 on your home course?
Good thing nobody hyped this major up for ya, bud.

The Bambino says:


Just Sayin says:

If anyone has David Duval's disastrous hole 7 where he shot a 14 highlight. Please share. Id like to see it

ijcn0jir3nvjn3fjcifn says:

Jon Rahm is the man

Tyler Patterson says:

Next year Phil on champions tour

Douglas Kielmeyer says:

This is the way an open should be. Tall grass and some high scores. Pebble Beach had 2 problems, 1 short rough and 2 It is a stop on the PGA. Not really that much new from then. MAYBE they should only do 2 courses for the year the Pebble Beach is the US Open venue. Grow the rough and have some weather. (lol)

I. Army says:

Appalling coverage as per!!
Golf not all about putting ffs

Daniel says:

As mentioned below, the crowds at the open are amazing. I was lucky enough to go last year and everyone was so respectful, it's one of the reasons that it's such a great tournament

Josh O'Pray says:

How can you post round 1 highlights when it’s not even finsihed yet

Jim Dearman says:

That's how golf should sound… with only cheers and clapping. Plus I wanted to see Rory's Quad & Triple and Double Bogeys!! Definitely not a highlight for him mind…

Kevin Tran says:

I liked it when noone shouted "GET IN THE HOLE"

We must be growing up

Taylor W. says:

The fact is, Rory’s been playing like garbage all too often for 5 years now. Maybe this is the direct punch in the face he needs to realize he’s coasting on talent, accomplishing nothing and needs to actually challenge himself in 2020. Absolute embarrassment of a round.

DJ United says:

Absolute dogshit from McIlroy. Course management is awful at times and not sure what Harry brings.

Ethan Tamez says:

These greens tho'! ?

Richard M says:

Rory missed cut already

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