The Amundi Evian Championship | Condensed Round 4

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Zero2Hero Golf says:

Celine winning her home major, very special victory!

Tobyn Strait says:

If you want to grow the woman's game, stop showing ten thousand putting highlights. Please show a freaking driver once and while.

Slimbroco says:

We'll get the next one Linn Grant. Great playing ladies!

r.d. laing says:

rolex rankings are a fraud,ive said it many times in the past,its an insult to all these players winning majors and multiple tournaments over the past 20 months that NK is # 1,anybody who watches LPGA knows that she is not the best in the world
JY Ko is and has been the best player in that period,not to mention the past 5 years whos record is the best,Korda #1 ? nonsense,scrap that silly Rolex thing immediately i say,bet they still have Lexi top 25,thats how insignificant and outdated it is

Jean-Marc FOULON says:

Quand c’est Céline Boutier qui joue, son nom n’est pas affiché ????

r.d. laing says:

congrats Celine too good over the 4 days,geez thats 1 tough course

Paul McGee says:

Bravo Céline 🎉

Rae Cho says:

WHO edited this? Putting highlights?

Tim Jones says:

Yall need to work on your coverage if you didn't know no better you would think there's only 2 golfers in the tournament brook Henderson and celine bouvier. You showed Nelly maybe 2 times in like 5 hours. Pathetic.

junior souza says:

this tournament is very good with temperature for play very well

roger peet says:

Thx for the telecast. It's always fun to watch the ladies swing.

Jay says:

Rose Zhang is coming…won her first tournament…finished top 10 in three of the four next tournaments 2 which were majors

Utama's says:

Minjee lee ❤❤❤

Barton Percival says:

Congratulations Celine, what a grand performance. You showed class & elegance in your wonderful performance. So happy for you & your country of France. Greetings from America!!!!!!!! 👍🇺🇲

Mark Edge says:

The tempo of the LPGA players is extraordinary!

Daryle Barnes says:

Bad highlight reel here. There was very little coverage on the leader Boutier.

mk wy says:

Congratulations to Ms. Boutier for her win and outstanding play.

That said: Our household is a fan of the LPGA. Both the talent and the culture is exemplary. And what a disgrace that NBC chose to televise that travesty of a Senior Open instead of offering the wonderful women of the LPGA a place to showcase their game. So disappointing.

Vagabondo5591 says:

Exciting up until the end chasing Celine. Awesome golf.

Col Con says:

I appreciate these highlights and the thumbnail not spoiling the result. Also glad Boutier got it done on home territory, with the added benefit of doing so in such a commanding manner.

Ryan Su says:

lol use minjee lee as a cover who disappeared in the leaderboard..

vandos11 says:

she's been playing lights out for a month now I knew she was going to win soon

Roberto says:

Brooke's one of her finest memories, congrats 😊

2s day says:

It was a bit surprising that between Brooke(-1), Nasa(+1), Minjee(+4), and Nelly(+1), none of them were able mount a challenge against Celine in the 4th round.
Congrats to Celine! 👏

Bill Tenner says:

Totally mesmerized with these professionals. Their play was incredible! Their comraderi is second to none! Looking forward to the next tournament!

John Seto says:

Go Brooks !!!

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