THE BEST NEW IRONS UNDER £500! There's nothing better than buying new golf clubs, buying a new driver, buying a new set of irons, maybe even getting fitted for a set of new irons? in this video I take a look at a set of irons you can buy BRAND NEW for less than £500… The Benross Delta X irons aren't exactly a brand name… but I certainly feel like cheap golf clubs have their place in the market, and budget golf clubs could be the difference between someone taking up golf, or not. how much money should you send on golf clubs? should you buy new golf clubs? should you buy second hand golf clubs? should you get fitted for your golf clubs? We are also GIVING AWAY a full set of these irons to a lucky subscriber! so good luck!

27 thoughts on “THE BEST NEW IRONS UNDER £500!

  1. Delta x irons 180 pounds second hand, cheap, but i haventntested them!! So dont no what to do. Well anywayd not a 1000 bucks wrong way if they are not match made in heaven

  2. Just tried these after quitting golf for 5 years. They were a 105g regular shaft and I’m not kidding, I couldn’t miss. Dead straight, and had two dodgy miss hits out of 60 balls. Very impressed with them. Confidence inspiring.

  3. Benross. James thanks for all the videos this is only my second year playing golf consistently and your videos have been a huge help in improving my game. Thanks.

  4. Benross

    I have the Htx Type R irons and have been looking at the Delta as a possible replacement as you say what you get for the money is phenomenal compared to other manufacturers. Would love to see a comparison of old vs new Type R vs Delta

  5. Having just bought these clubs ( although yet to pick them up – 6 weeks wait) I was very interested in your comments. So, good to hear you like them (I think?) Should I cancel my order in the hope of winning these?

  6. I’ve got the benross mdx putter and delta x hybrid. I Love those clubs but I don’t know if I would buy the irons because I know I’d want to replace them

  7. Wow Benross Delta x I’ve just been testing these this evening 1% lie and plus 0.5 on the shaft couldn’t fault hope I get to win these and safe me a few quid thanks James

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