This is the first of a new type of video we're going to be doing, reviewing training aids. Dan is an absolute training aid addict, if it's out there he probably owns it.

In this video Dan looks at the DST Compressor which promises to get you into the perfect position at impact. Let's have a look what Dan thinks…

If you're interested in learning more about the modern rotational swing……

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  1. Sir, I think you completely missed the point. First, I’ve played golf for the past 27+ years and I’ve always question the traditional setup position and how it contradicts the impact.

    Second, based on your submitted video, you only appear to allow your student a few swings with the DST Compressor then expected an immediate improvement which is unrealistic. Third, I think you should have allowed us viewers to hear directly from your student, as he is the one who was tasked with swinging the DST, not you. (It’s not about you.)

    Fourth, I have a student who struggles with sequencing and getting to the proper and preferred forward shaft leaning impact position with flipping or chicken-winging his left-arm (right-handed Golfer). In theory and on paper, this training aid presents like the perfect training aid to assist my student to get into the proper position at impact and I myself will be recommending the employment of this training aid. Again, it’s a training aid, and your pre-bias seems to prevent you from recommending your students at least try the DST as a training aid. In summary, I care less about how a golfer swing looks like at take away and resting at the top (e.g., Jim Furyk). In the end consistency is about the club head squarely striking the ball at Impact. If one is having difficulty with connection, or flipping, or early trailing arm extension, or chicken-wing arm (J. Spieth), I believe a DST Compressor is a worthy training aid to try to fix these common issues in the Amateur golf swing. Respectfully.

  2. Tried it Tuesday for the very first time! Shot my first round Under par for the very first time in a tournament Wednesday! I'm getting one Myself! 🙂

  3. This club is not telling you where to start but finish. It maybe the best training aid. Remember feel and real rarely match up. Quit griping your showing a tremendous amount of misunderstanding.

  4. RTFM … read the effin manual .. it is an impact trainer. I think others have already sufficiently addressed the review critique. Key words are impact trainer rather than backswing trainer. I think it's a superb product personally.

  5. I really don’t agree with your opinion at all.

    It looks like you showed a video of a young student not getting to where they need to be at impact using this club just to prove your opinion as correct. If you watch the videos that Robert Cordle posted about the full swing with ”Be Better Golf” , he talks about the body rotation getting the club to this position at or through impact. Your model performing the swing, who had a very nice swing I might add, had very little body rotation and released early….so sure….the club can’t do it all…so please don’t blame the club. It appears to be meant to ingrain a position/feel that most of us have never felt in the golf swing. As you said, training aids are great but just because you can’t get it to work for you, doesn’t mean someone else might not get some benefit from it.

    As a person who releases the club way too early, this club would give me a sensation of where I need to get to which is invaluable. I’m pretty sure your not supposed to have 14 clubs like this and go play…but what do I know….well I know this…..Just because you don’t think it will help you or anyone else…quite frankly…..doesn’t at all mean it might not make something click for a struggling amateur. Isn’t this why golf pro’s teach this great game!

    As an amateur who watches hundreds of YouTube videos on how to get better at golf, it is surprising the number of posted videos of instructors who only want to pick everything apart to show their immense knowledge of the game. There are a great number who actually just want to help. Which one are you trying to be.

    If anyone out there agrees…check out Robert Cordle’s impact curtain..I didn’t buy one as after just watching the video for the first time yesterday, Roberts own video comments i might add, suggested simulating the impact action with a agreed on a wall.I simulated with my hitting net….I couldn’t be more accurate and consistent with my strike after practicing his instructions…and the guy was not even pushing his product…now that’s someone’s opinion worth listening to..just my opinion though..but please be your own judge an not take the first opinion thrown at you….you never truly know the motives of the person giving the opinion


  6. Dan. I have had this training aid for some time and my gripes about the club were the same as yours. I recently exchanged emails with the company and they say the position with the forward lean is where they want you at impact. It is not necessary to start at address with yours hands that far forward. I am again practicing with the aid and hopefully in a more comfortable original set up I can swing and get the impact position they are recommending. I also have the CSR wedge with the straight shaft and I find that club to be very comfortable at set up and one that is helping me reach a better impact position. I sorta hoped I also had a straight shafted 8i to experiment with.

  7. As a practise drill you can close your club face a lot at address. Take half swings. To get your club face square at impact your hands need to be forward.

  8. Very interesting that a recent Be Better Golf video on YTube by Brendon Devore features a detailed interview with the inventor of the DST clubs Robert Cordle. Apparently many of the Tour pros use the clubs particularly for warming up and several (eg Danny Willetts) recommend it.
    It is designed primarily (it seems) to assist proper impact and it is of course a specific training aid for this purpose which would explain why it may be difficult (as this video shows) to reach particular positions in the backswing which are the preferred ones. In the BBG video Mr Cordle explains that the device helps less well coordinated golfers FEEL proper impact and this then assists-(almost subconsciously) the golfer to get to the necessary or optimum positions before he gets to impact. I have an 8 iron DST compressor club which I had previously not really tried in depth. I intend to use it more extensively now since a brief trial yesterday with some small pitches had very encouraging outcomes.

  9. Honestly man, think before you start talking.. The point of the club is obviously to give you a sensation of the IMPACT position..And it does that very well. Thats probably why half the tour is using it.

  10. Many of your gripes about it are about how it makes you feel in your back swing. It’s a IMPACT TRAINER. Not meant to teach you anything about your back swing.

  11. Hey Dan. Love all your videos. I initially felt the same way about the DST. I have tried to stop flipping and have had zero luck. I have tried everything. It’s maddening trying not to flip.
    I went back to the DST recently and concentrated on not fanning the clubface open but rather kept the clubface looking at the ball going back as advised on the website. Suddenly everything clicked. I started compressing the ball with forward shaft lean using the DST. So the question is did it translate. A resounding YES YES YES! The key for me was starting out in the hands forward position making sure that the clubface was square. I’ve tried the forward press before but it always ended up in shots to the right because when I pushed my hands forward the clubface would naturally open up.The brilliance of this training aid is that it taught me what the square clubface looked like from the hands forward position. That line on the hosel was key for me. With a real club I now start with my hands forward…and square clubface which at first appeared to be hooded….probably similar to where Rory is at address but not as much forward as Alex Noren. I’ve always played my hands in the mud body position but have always flipped. NO LONGER. Going back and forth between the DST and my real clubs quickly ingrained the hands forward at impact position. I would imagine that if you already comfortably compressed the ball with forward shaft lean you would be unimpressed. However for flippers this thing is absolutely amazing. It’s a godsend. One caveat, you must not fan the club open. I did this initially and it gathered dust after my initial failure. For some reason…desperation I suppose…..I gave it another try and my flip has disappeared. This trainer is awesome for flippers. It may sound like I’m being paid or work for DST…I’m not….but I’m simply blown away by this thing that finally eradicated the flip and and I wanted to share my honest experience. I know everyone including me has so much respect for you Dan and I’m sure your review turned some folks off. I’d give this thing a try with a student who flips and see if this changes your mind.

  12. Shouldn't the shaft be bent the other way? If you get used to hitting with it bent backward you'll do the opposite with a regular club. If it were reversed you'd have to make a severe forward press that with a regular club you'd do much less but would be pressed.

  13. It's creating an exaggerated feeling for people (like me) who struggle with creating the ideal impact position and end up adding loft. That seems fine on paper to me. Their argument is that if your set up is closer to your impact position, you've got a simpler swing because there's less changing to do on the way down. Nicklaus, Trevino, Stenson, McIlroy all do this, they reckon. But whether you need a training aid like this to sort out that problem…I'd like to try before I buy, I think.

  14. I knew before I started watching that Dan was gonna shred it…..Good for him, and I value opinions. I don't agree with him on this one! It WORKS for better players, like me. It got me rotating the bottom better. The result: gained a full club, back to better than scratch…..I'll take it!……..

  15. I found a video where Stenson was using one to warm up and I immediatly got an old wedge heated the shaft on the stove burner and put a good bend in it . I"m set.

  16. Jack Nicklaus, Moe Norman, Greg Norman, Rory McIlroy, Sam Snead (through forward press), Lee Trevino, Nick Faldo, Seve, Gary Player, Tom Watson, etc… all setup with or very near the intended impact position. Nicklaus called it a must in Golf My Way. I think this training aid may be the best ever invented.

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