The New MOST FORGIVING Iron In Golf!

The New MOST FORGIVING Iron In Golf!

Matt Fryer Golf shares with you a set of irons he thinks could be the most forgiving irons for mid to high handicapper golfers.

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10 thoughts on “The New MOST FORGIVING Iron In Golf!

  1. Got them 5-GW MCA Tensei Silver Graphite – very good, superb value for money.
    Wilson AI Fit works….
    I think they look very good, some might say too glossy but I like the overall look.
    Game improvement irons yes, but don't shout beginner clubs?
    Great Feel especially with Tensei Shafts.
    Very good build quality.
    Launch lower in the 5-7 and took some getting used to, but now overall superb.
    5 Iron is 21° like an old school 3 iron but the length of a 4 iron?! but works. All Clubs 1 to 1.5 longer.
    Caused some issues with gapping in the wedges…

    £699 all in les than £100 per club in Graphite too!

    That good I invested in the 4 Hybrid!

  2. Nice video! I’m looking at the Wilson and ping g430 irons. The problem with the ping is that the PW is 40 degrees so I’d also need to buy a gap wedge to bridge to my 50 degree so even more £££. Trying out the Wilson next week!

  3. Just went for a custom fitting and ended up choosing these. Couldn’t believe the distance!!! Possibly too far! But looking forward to playing with them. Great video!

  4. Thanks for that review matt .Might be looking for some irons for my grandson whose just started playing golf ,will check them out for sure .

  5. Wilson makes great stuff but iam going to argue your assessment that they look less "clunky" maybe at address but those jumbo wide soles when in the bag are definitely "clunky". My buddy plays a set of G410s and they look great in the bag and out of it. I love Wilson stuff but i hit those next to G430s , Taylormade QI10s and the Cobra Darkspeed GIs and to me they were not as pleasing numbers wise or looks wise although i love the shiny "chrome" look. I actually had the Mizuno 921 Hot Metals as the best of the GI irons out now

  6. Great review Matt the most underrated brand in golf. Wilson need to get more demo days to show golfers what they are missing in performance and the money they are going to save.

  7. That thing is huge, not sure what you're talking about. Must be paid by wilson. Its like the callaway cb wedge my dad has and hes a 18 handicap. Use what you need but don't say they are something they arent.

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