WOW! The USGA are furious about the open championship 2023 and this video will tell you exactly why! The open championship 2023 has been an unbelievable and has been filled with so much drama, excitement and unbelievable golf! Brilliant Brian Harman becomes Champion Golfer of 2023!! Open champion Brian Harman says he will celebrate winning the biggest prize of his career by mowing the grass of his 40-acre property on his new tractor!

The open 2023 was jam packed with golf fans who made a fantastic atmosphere that all the professional golfers were so grateful for! A lot of golfers have been talking about the open championship highlights as well as the liv golfers, pga tour golfers and DP world tour players since the liv golf tour merger.Brian Harman's work, long wait pays off with Open win!!

There was a lot of talk about the US open 2023 and the us open due to backlash, well this has been compared a lot to the open 2023!!

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  1. … ticket prices. .. check it out.

    I was going to go to brookline, then I discovered the cheapest ticket available was 600 dollars for one day.

    I just can't do that.

  2. My view is that the USGA has to take into account that US crowds are less well behaved then pretty much everywhere else in the world and this has a marked influence on how they run these types of tournaments.

  3. What happened to your Buddy Rory Mcilroy? Incredible driving game, incredible iron play – still can't putt. He'll never win another major unless he fixes his putting. He should have won 10 majors by now – but his putting sucks compared to the rest of his game.

  4. Just to let you know that '' hoi polloi'' is another way of saying the masses or the common people. You seemed to suggest the hoi polloi were the upper class who enjoyed the hospitality. Where as the complete opposite of this is true.

  5. The choice of Los Angeles Country Club is a head scratcher for me. It wasn’t even good for television viewing. I was bored watching it. Just not a very interesting course imo. Wonder what the price difference was for a Sunday ticket? ⛳️

  6. USGA and La Country club completely screwed up the US Open, from number of fans to course layout .. bad National Championship .. end of story

  7. LACC was NOT your typical USGA location. What were Brookline’s stats? Come on ALex, you know what happened this year at LACC, and that it was not a normal US Open.

  8. You have to remember that the USGA is run by Americans. Americans are to busy worrying about other important things. You know, important stuff like DEI, transgender studies, getting inflated student debt balances paid off by the government. You Brits don't seem to worry about that kind of stuff.

  9. Jon Rahm? Not until he learns how to putt under pressure. The USGA's choice in L.A. was horrific. Somebody owed somebody something….what a nightmare. Then all the Richie-Rich folks with their hands out made for a sickening weekend as well. Then again, Los Angeles, California is the definition of "nightmare" so while someone knows what the USGA was thinking, like our POTUS nightmares, we may never know.

  10. One thing that stood out to me was the size and volume of the stands. It felt as if they wanted as many fans there as possible. Considering golf gets little to none terrestrial TV broadcast in the UK it’s clear that there is a demand for golf as a spectator.

    At the beginning of the month my wife and I went to the British Masters at the Belfry and it was the same, the tees and greens were set up so that everyone could get a good view and there were grandstands and viewing platforms at several of the key holes. I agree that the uk is getting golf events right at the minute.

  11. I went up for three days. It was fantastic. This is the third time I have been to Hoylake. The only disappointment for me what’s the putting green you have to have a special pass to get near the one on the clubhouse which most of the players are used some use the chipping area by the second green, but you couldn’t really see them, and they all seem to put with their backs to the crowd. All the stands and the natural viewing places were fantastic, Roll on Birkdale 2025.

  12. I was a BIGGA (British & International Golf Greenkeepers Association) Bunker Volunteer this week. We get selected from across the country to assist in raking bunkers behind each group. This is not only a great experience, but it helps keep pace of play and ensures the course is set up perfectly for every golfer. A few American players were saying it would be good to have this in America, maybe something to consider USGA!?

  13. The 14th tee right behind the tee box was so good and you good see the whole of the 13th par 3 tee shot to green . Was so easy to walk around every hole was absolute class ????

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