The REAL Reason Golfers Hate Playing Against Rory McIlroy!

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The REAL Reason Golfers Hate Playing Against Rory McIlroy!

Welcome back to Sportopia. Today on this channel, we will try and figure out The real reason golfers hate playing against Rory McIlroy. Without a doubt, Rory McIlroy will go down as one of the best golfers in history.

And for sure, he will also go down as one of the most colorful, interesting golfers in history. It is no secret that Rory Mcllroy will always express his thoughts—may it be a good one or not. With his personality, he sometimes gets into other golfers' heads. Watch this video now as we identify The real reason golfers hate playing against Rory McIlroy.

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Golfers HATE Playing Against Rory Mcilroy.. Here's Why!

Rory McIlroy SHOCKING Secrets You NEVER Knew About!

Golf in 60: Rory McIlroy RIPS Phil Mickelson's comments as “NAIVE, SELFISH, EGOTISTICAL…”

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Ingens_Scherz says:

This is just out and out defamation.

Doc Portland says:

I am disgusted that you used 'racist prick' as click bait …

chase says:

You’re reported. Everyone do it. Disgusting thumbnails! Why do you do it?

SafeHouse Delta says:

If there was anyone even close to perfect, it's Rory…🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣#Gay-4-Rory…

Surinder Singh says:

Nice clickbait video with the “racist” angle. You people really are bottom feeders. Sad and pathetic. Get a real job you bunch of wasters.

aregua1 says:

Report this video for FALSE information! There is no evidence of Rory being racist

Ervin McCurdy says:

This is total CLICK BAIT, BULLSHIT !!

D Bo says:

LOL Rory misses plenty of cuts and always has massive blow ups on the scorecard.

Ryan Stratton says:

This is the worst Rory video I’ve ever seen. This is bottom barrel garbage

My public channel says:

Who the – F – is responsible for this pile of chit? It"s all insane, clickbait, hyperbolic bs. And comparing Rory in ways as being superior to Tiger Woods? Especially mentally? Are U effing kidding me? Have Rory bag 15 majors and another 50 PGA wins before you put him next to Tiger Woods in any conversation. Don't get me wrong. I love the guy. But even he has to be embarrassed by this unbridled horse shit.

The best channel in history says:

Rory has 21 pga wins as he just passed Greg Norman’s 20.
He will never match Tiger Woods at 82 wins and 15 majors however. 🇺🇸


Unsubscribed!! 🤬

David Mather says:

I just hate McIIroy because he is a PGA Stooge and has the nerve to criticize LIV players even though he buys Saudi oil at his local gas station every week.

Gary Lucas says:

Is this reporter on drugs ??

Aaron Daly says:

Tiger Woods won the US Open on one leg and won the masters whilst months previous not able to walk after spinal fusion surgery, Tiger Woods is arguably the most mentally tough sportsmen of all time along with Rafael Nadal and Tom Brady.

John Henderson says:

Total nonsense.. I hope Rorh sues these scum- mongers… disgusting and totally inaccurate in almost every statement.

ed zaloom says:

Wow! I never heard so much bullshit in quite a while. The commentator should work as the White House correspondent.

blp006 says:

Why the fake thumbnail. What bib this video have to do with Rory being a racist. Why show Phil?

Viewed VIEWERS says:

Probably because he's always wearing tight pants…has to be a difficult golf swing 😔.. agendas are real y'all…😔

Curtis Bonenfant says:

How the hell did this video get on YouTube? Come on YouTube screeners, do better!

paul henshaw says:

You should be sued

Jeff C says:

Well, that was 8min I’ll never get back

A Tn says:

Dumb click bait

kimi says:

Always seems to shit his pants when it comes to getting over the finishing line. Has a decent lead then bang game over, then leaves it to late and usually finishes of with a decent last round

Howard Sadler says:

Rory is good and very talented. But talk to me when he wins 15 or more majors or dominates a decade. Heard the same things about 1 Sergio Garcia!!!!!!!!!

Bryne Nichols says:

Click Bait!!!

Ritten House Gun Range says:

Maybe Rory is based

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