This video is all about the golf swing. I hope you find it useful.

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  1. wow !
    this is best way explaining how the hip and weight transition is done.
    might not be his original intention but it works for me .
    i found that gradually shifting from trail to lead is more viable than early and abruptly shifting like other.
    they all work but Russell's is easier to apply.
    Thank YOU ?

  2. The pros are moving the pressure towards the front beginning at about P3. AMG, Zen, and many others are telling people to get to the front of that board before you complete your backswing (club head will trail and whip through effortlessly). It's similar to how a step drill works.

  3. I know there has been some disagreement about the drill but regardless this is going to be a major benefit to those of us who struggle with balance and weight shift. Have to start somewhere…..

  4. Great drill that really helps me in keeping to the right longer and keeping the pelvis « down ». Thank you for your support in these confined times

  5. Get yourself down to the skatepark Russel! In all seriousness though, I was a skateboarder for years before starting golf and i can hit a lot more solid and use the ground better when I imagine the lower body movement in the way I would coil for a 360 down some stairs, so I think these board drills are great. I can really relate to them.

  6. Keeping your weight on your right leg for a tad bit longer (in your transition) is the key to stop early extension. Thanks Rusell for pointing this out in all your videos! Definitely a game-changer.

  7. Hi Russell, I just want to see how you think about my new swing. I’m lifting my left heel now with longer clubs because I desperately need the extra club head speed. Here’s what I came up with. I start hinging my wrist and folding my right arm at a rate that I am fully cocked and stop my right arm folding when my hands reach my right shoulder. From then my left heel starts to rise so I can continue to turn. With driver my left heel comes the farthest off the ground so my club gets parallel to ground. Once my hands reach my right shoulder, I keep the angle created by my right elbow at this point until I complete backswing. So basically once my hands get to my right shoulder I have my wrists fully cocked and my right arm won’t gain anymore angle with elbow. Also at this point in order to keep turning my left heel has to start rising. With a sand wedge is the only time I keep my left heel planted because I’m only taking the club back until my hand get to the height of my right shoulder. The heel lifts the smallest with the shortest clubs to fully lifted with driver. My wrist cock and angle of folding right elbow remain unchanged to the top of backswing. Swinging this way feels perfect for me. Any thoughts?

  8. Hi Russell. ZEN golf beat you to it. !! This is showing in the golf swing it's not presser shift its weight shift but keeping your head centered. Since I had a lesson with you I really didn't achieve anything sorry but since then I have being studying the Late Mike Austin's method the longest ever driver of the golf ball 515 yards and at the age of 65 yrs on senior tour back in 1975 using old equipment says something about his methods as a player and coach, who coached Ben Hogen and worked with and best friends of Sam Snead. Since studying Mike I am know understanding the golf swing a lot more and hitting the ball 50 yards extra with my wedges and 70 yards more with my driver. You know in the last 2 years I have had lessons from many different golf coaches with all the contradictions confusing information about the golf swing, it's hard enough as it is to learn to play golf at the age of 57yrs old. I was so on the border of giving up golf until I studied the late Mike Austin's method. And yes I am a frustrated critic but angry too as I have traveled and spent alot of money just to learn to play this fabulous golf game. I think why change things that work and not broken? We are not Rory's or Tiger Woods we just want to learn and play good golf. I think all coaches should get together and start singing from the same hymn sheet and stop making this into a social media scam to make money!!!!! I'm sorry but your theory on weight shift just conflicts what Mike Austin is saying, its your vision and interpretation and now 2020 with all the technology not even Tiger Woods as come close to Mike's precision and distance it was only is rubbish putting why he didn't become a world champion and I thank god he passed his thoughts on video and coaches like Steve Pratt golf. Sorry what you teach works for you but not for me. Sorry I'm not saying this to damage your channel I'm just angry with the coaching world and its us that suffer in the long run……..

  9. Can't wait to try this drill. I'm thinking this will be a game changer for me! I struggle with pushing off from the trail side and think this will definitely help ingrain a better feel!! Thanks Russell for the awesome drills!!!

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