This Move Makes The Golf Swing So Much Easier!

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This golf lesson has to be up there with one of the most relatable golfers we have ever had. Micah was consistently pushing his ball to the right and was doing this because he had an open club face. In this video we provide him with a genius drill to start the golf swing in the best way possible and will just make the golf swing so much easier for him moving forward.

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highway_star says:

So! I took the advice from your video. Went on a driving range, worked like a charm. Went to play 12 holes on a par 3 course afterwords, so just iron play. Got 10 greens in regulation! Never played so good!! Thank you guys!!! Awesome awesone tutorial!!!

Frankie Ramirez says:

Love these videos where you take an average golfer (I see a lot me in these players) and help them realize their potential. Keep these coming!

Al Tetteh says:

Brother is a bundle of laughs…..

Andy Clark says:

Too complicated. So many swing thoughts introduced. At the end of the day, it has to feel natural.

Chris Adams says:

Great video, gents. The butt to belly button takeaway tip is brilliant. Definitely not what I was doing, but something I’ll implement at the range tomorrow night. Thanks.

Ben Stoddard says:

I struggle taking it inside and swinging too far inside to out. A hook is my miss. Anyway you could go over that? Thanks!

Sammy T. Brocato says:

My fault is with a mid-iron, a duff with a really deep divot. When I hit the ball clean, it has a lower ball flight with a slight draw.

Roy Close says:

Excellent 🏌 work guys 🙂👍

Jay says:

Good stuff! Can this same take away drill be used for driver also?

Drums 7520 says:

I like that you didn’t overload him with information. Change a couple things and work on it. The next building block comes with the next lesson. Good job!

Sumit Aggarwal says:

Guys – great content. Would be great if you talked about the impact of body structure on grip, alignment and posture. This is the stuff that mike Adams talks about. Terry Rawles does the same thing.

pasquale minicucci says:

Great session.

Johandre Olivier says:

If the ball goes high it means the clubface is open. I hit the ball low, does that mean my clubface is closed?

Chris Pearce says:

So great to see you guys making videos again.

Pedro Poloma says:

A man was drinking in a British pub

…when he noticed two very large women with strong accents. "Hey, are you two ladies from Ireland?" he asked.

"It's Wales, you idiot" one answered.

"I'm sorry" the man replied. "Are you two whales from Ireland?"

dtub10 says:

VERY insightful. As a beginner that had contact consistency issues, where I'd have a great shot but couldn't get it more than 2x in a row. I'll use this next time I tee off. Thanks so much for all the tips, tricks and advice gentlemen!

Brian R. Post says:

Great instruction! Everything you are teaching is about squaring the club head at impact which is critical for accurate shot making. Well done, Andy!

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