Tiger Spanks the Great White and Spoils What?

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Sounds weird doesn’t it. Really weird when WTF.


Who would go spanking a little white object across the countryside with creeks.


Every year it’s gloves, shoes, and socks off. No stone left unturned with steely disappointment they soldier on for an emerald garment (sounds Irish) lol.


Some partisans wear white boiler suits and can’t get escape because they all have numbers and names on their backs.


Not only that but, 50,000 very important elite spectators are furiously chomping Halibro whilst prostrate on sunbeds. They are OOOOING and ARRRRING for 4 days and preying they will not get hit by wayward precious dimpled missiles.


This sounds crazy why.


Am I dreaming, is this real?


Or is it some fool called April. There are many holes even more than Blackburn Manchester for sure. (That bit was true when they sang from the roof top on Abbey Road London Brexit).


Any how’s, where was I when he hit the four hundred and fifty mile drive over hills, beaches, flags and given putts.


In the end the green jacketed buddies plotted next year’s expedition in front of a raging fire.

They brain stormed the next campaign in whispering tones with reverence and awe of the week’s antics.


Next year’s gig will be at the same time, same place, same old boat races. The venue is to be adorned with red orange violets are blue brilliant Azalea with a back drop of green shaven fescue.


The men who warbled “Get in” fade warily into the background of a roaring air punching stripped red topped feline creature.

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The Great White top feeder sinks deeper below the deep green briny. Deep, deep, down, down,

to find a spilling chest of Ethereum at the bottom of the sea washed up on Rob’s Island.


Yes, Get in indeed..


jordi smit says:

slave react restore courage honest guard founder annual leg desert.

Daniel Madden says:

It's like to worn athletes pacing each other for a win I hope they stick together till the end and do their best.

Drummer J.L.H. says:

A.B.W. – Anybody But Woods Go Spieth!

Xman says:

Curious to see how the new friendly Tiger does on the back nine on Sunday. Will he still be the same "killer assassin"?

jonathan heggie says:

What a gracious man you are Phil Mickelson.A true gentleman and a Golfing Legend.

Andy Huang says:

This reminds me of the Federer-Nadal relationship

Frederick Fong says:

Heart warming to see two great champions walking side by side

Jason __ Murphy says:

Truely is the best game in the world. Walk around outside, in the sun, with amazing views. Don't get hurt or hit, unreal! While making millions on the side! WOW!!!

Ry 52 says:

Got chills of happiness seeing those 2 greats golfing and laughing together. It’s nice to see.

Flex Tango says:

I’m like a 5 year old tonight waiting on Christmas Eve. This masters will be epic

Killer Caritas says:

When does the come on the tube ?

Dre Day says:

Amazing how they each put the green jacket on each other.

xrcrx ftfghjg says:

his #9 iron must be working…

Truth Hurts says:

This is surely what will happen! If Tiger wins ANY of the majors this year. He will certainly break the 13 Major record soonest. And certainly the road to breaking it will make Tiger’s net worth increase dramatically better than before. And he already learned from the mistakes of the past. Again that’s IF he wins ANY of the majors this year.

Christopher says:


Takayuki Ishiguro says:

Tiger seems to have become more relaxed after making a comeback.

RockME AllDeus says:

Tiger is the Beatles, Phil is the Stones, and Rory McIlroy is Rick Astley.

Liquid bend says:

So cool to see Tiger and Phil smiling and making the game better because of it…..

Timo Toivonen says:

Nice to see old rivals being friendly

Harsh Sharma says:

What a story… this seems more like the trailer to a award-winning movie right here

j d says:

Great to see this, who would of thought

2007zodiac says:

If on the final Day,
The final pairing,
Tiger v Phil????
The world will STOP!!!..
It will shatter any Global-viewing records!!

Justin Case says:

These two in the final pairing on Sunday could possibly be one of the greatest of all time.

Utsav Thakkar says:

Wowz just got the chills!! – This is going to be epic no matter the result – Sunday Red and Lefty would be insane to watch !

Colin Rud says:

did phil come straight from work …..

Ricky Tran says:

great video

Mark Bloom says:

Ba ba booey

ecvrock says:

I damn near cried watching this !

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