Timeline of Top 10 Golfers Based on Official World Golf Rankings (1986-2019)

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This is a data visualisation showing the Top 10 best performing golfers in the world between 1986 and 2019 based on the Official World Golf Rankings.

Rankings were recorded at the beginning of each month starting in April 1986 (when the Official World Golf Rankings commenced) up to and including December 2019.

Please note some data points in 1986 were skipped due to no data being available from the official website.

Please note there is a change of scale in 1989 due to the calculation of the ranking changing from Total Points held for each player to Average Points held for each player.

Data sourced from owgr.com.


JJ4824 says:

Did not know Justin Rose reached world #1

Darryn Jay Burton says:

Gosh Tiger was waaaaaay better than everyone else.

Kadeem Rouleau says:

Tiger greatest of all time.

Moist Daddy says:

Damn, tiger shrunk the page.

Isaac Boateng says:

max respect to Vijay

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