Titleist Factory Club Assembly Line – Process Of An Iron Build

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I take you through the Titleist Factory and in particular their iron assembly line where they build custom orders.

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8 thoughts on “Titleist Factory Club Assembly Line – Process Of An Iron Build

  1. Lots of hate in the comment section ? Just got my custom ordered T100’s in the mail a few days ago and immediately took them up to my shop to have the specs checked to make sure they were as ordered and sure enough, EVERYTHING was spot on! Including swing weights and lie. Great video again Michael!

  2. The loft and lie machine wasn't shown to you because they don't have one, the club heads were made in China or India etc where the loft and lie was set. This is an assembly line not a club making factory. This is typical of the golf world, feeding us full of s#%t and charging us a fortune. It's just a shame that Micheal doesn't give his true opinion!

  3. Doesn't impress me as much as the Ping assembly process at Gainsborough they are bang on at all build points or the Mizuno plant at Cumbernauld.

  4. Nice video but…
    Shafts aren't pured or frequency aligned? At the very least when I assemble clubs my shafts are spined and laser FLO'd. Kind of disappointed more care wasn't taken in this area for the price and calibre of Titleist products.

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