22 thoughts on “Top 5 Forgiving Irons For Mid to High Handicappers of 2021

  1. Personally I prefer the look of the T400 and it’s super long and super forgiving. Looks matter all things being equal otherwise performance is key ????.

  2. I’m a beginner so… when the irons are forgiving that means that when you hit it bad it doesn’t really affect the shot/makes it a good shot but u can only hit it straight. The pros irons aren’t forgiving but they know the sweet spot and can make to ball curve or something like that. I’m I right??

  3. Having bought Mizuno JPX 850 irons a few years back, I really wasn’t satisfied with the performance. I decided to go to a unbiased fitter (club champion) there I went through at least ten different companies including the ones that you considered forgiving. When it came down to forgiveness, shafts, And swing weights, I was quite surprised that the Ben Hogan PTx pro were best suited for me (10 handicap) very forgiving! But then again I was fitted by a company that doesn’t push any certain lines, just what is best for your own personal game! I’m really Quite surprised that many of you “reviewers” I’ve seen, there is no mention of the Hogan line! I guess Ben Hogan doesn’t pay reviewers!!

  4. I was practicing on the chipping green while talking to my buddy with AirPods. It was one best practices ever, got 3 chip ins over 50 feet. I haven’t done that again since and I think it’s because the talking actually makes you relax and swing better

  5. Im 63 I took up golf 6 years ago 6'4' 220 LBS so I hand a set custom made ,all irons about an inch longer than most. Im a long hitter 200 7 ,220 5 170 ish 8 130 SW and 145 W 75+ 60! , anyway I have the Callaway big bertha irons ,5 years old and I think they are time to replace as I was playing 3 times a week , I think my shafts are fatigued and well as the heads, ( all materials deteriorate over time) problem is my HC is now a 26 .5 do to the fact I think the set is just used up and frustration takes over and I was a 20HC 2nd year into this ( HAD A GREAT GOLF COACH EVERY A WEEK)then dealt with health issues ( im back and feeling much better ,Your English accent and fast talking is hard to follow , Plain and simple I have to have mine custom made , 5 iron to PW , please suggest a head and shaft combination you feel would get me back to low to mid 90s game , , Thanks Brad USA .Any information from you would be greatly appreciated . Everyone at my golf club has their own advise ( OF COURSE) The club champ do tell me that if he could work with me more often one on one I would be low 80s/high 70s and club champ, Also said my iron shots are unreal," nobody here hits a 7 iron 200 + Advise? Help?

  6. I still find that my Ap2’s 716’s stacked with Modus3 120 tour stiff shafts have both the (cavity back action) and I pair mine with Cleveland 56 full face 60 full face (both cavity back as well). And I have the cbx 2 50 degree gap wedge. The only ones that would ever get me away from Titleist… the ping irons and the jpx mizz’s. But being a 4 handicap I’m not changing anything for now

  7. Coming back to golf after a long break I can't believe how hung up these channels are on aesthetics and "how good they look in the bag". It's a performance game with a scorecard FFS.

    Can someone do a review that takes out the reviewers "taste" and focuses on club performance??

    If these guys were football coaches Wayne Rooney would never have gotten a game

  8. Great review! Reaffirms my club fitting yesterday for the T300, which hit high, far and forgiving. Usually, I'm a stiff shaft but the regular shaft suited my swing tempo. I won't mention this find to the LADS ????

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