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In this video PGA Professional and American Golf custom fitter Nick Taylor compares the top 6 low handicap irons from, Taylormade, Callaway, Cobra, Ping, Mizuno and Titleist.

Taylormade M2 irons review:

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Om Stoned says:

What shoes are those?

Jhört _ says:

your carry distance with a 7 iron 155 yards??? incredibly short?

Pake June says:

You don't even see the back of the club….

viggo sorensen says:

why the fuck is he judging them on the looks thats for us to do with our personal taste

Ligerpride says:

We have different tastes. I walked into a golf shop last week and was very impressed by the Callaway Apex Pro at first look. The Mizuno's also look great though IMO.

Doug Pierce says:

why use a 6 iron for the mizuno and 7 iron for the others. the mizuno was 4-5 degrees stronger.

Peterq Nielsen says:

went for the From the old Taylor made MB irons to the 770. love the Trajectory and the feel + the 10-15 yards i have gained

dkgolfnut says:

Nick, are you going to be reviewing wedges? Curious your thoughts about TM Milled Grind, SM6, Cleveland, etc.

dkgolfnut says:

Nice job, I ended up with the p770's. They feel great and imo look great. Keep up the great work. I enjoy the videos

Mark Turriff says:

Great review Nick – spellcheck Appearance though

Daris Cotton says:

Recently subscribed to your channel and I really like how you are doing your reviews. One thing I was hoping you'd rate or comment for in this comparison was forgiveness. I know that these clubs aren't designed for forgiveness, but some should be"easier" to hit than others. In your opinion, from easiest to most difficult, what would you say? Thanks.

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