Used vs. New Golf Clubs – Testing Cobra Drivers

Today, our expert Lou is comparing 6 different generations of drivers from Cobra! ⛳

We're trying to see how used and pre-loved drivers measure up to brand-new models.

We’re taking a trip back in time with this one as we try to determine which driver offers the best performance, which one provides the most forgiveness, and which one is better suited for beginner, intermediate, and advanced golfers.

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???? To take a look at the drivers featured in this video, visit the links below:

– Cobra Amp Driver –
– Cobra King F7 Driver –
– Cobra King F9 Speedback Driver –
– Cobra King Radspeed Driver –
– Cobra King LTDx Max Driver –
– Cobra Aerojet Driver –

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0:00 Your #1 Destination for Used Golf Clubs
0:27 Questions we want to answer
0:59 How we'll be testing the Cobra drivers
1:28 Cobra King LTDx Max Review
2:52 Cobra King Radspeed Review
4:39 Cobra King F9 Speedback Review
5:59 Cobra King F7 Review
7:45 Cobra Amp Review
9:43 Cobra Aerojet Review
10:58 Answering the questions from this video
11:09 Best Drivers for Performance
12:05 Most Forgiving Drivers
12:59 Best Drivers for Beginner Golfers
13:41 Best Drivers for Intermediate Golfers
14:27 Best Drivers for Advanced Golfers
15:08 Sign Off

11 thoughts on “Used vs. New Golf Clubs – Testing Cobra Drivers

  1. I love this. Golf avenue has been my favorite source for equipment and I’ve put all my friends on to this. With the $250, I’d put it towards a new TaylorMade Stealth Iron set. I still have my beginner clubs and looking to change them out.

  2. I'm glad Cobra got away from the milled face with the Aerojet this year. I cracked the face on the Radspeed and LTDX because it was too thin. Carrying the Aerojet with an X stiff Diamana shaft around 310.

  3. if your comparing the heads , how do yo not try to use the same shaft in the heads that can use one . This test means nothing with all the different shafts being used , IMO of course , Hope your trying to use the same loft in the different heads as well , cause that can really make the results change too , If your using all different lofts again these tests mean nothing IMO . just saying 🙂

  4. Excellent job. Really appreciate it. Noticed you have a perfect upward angle of attack, averaging around 3 degrees. Makes it easier maxing out your distance.

  5. I think you should do 1 driver a day or at least take a few hours break between tests. Unless you are scratch and can put a consistent swing, you're going to be tired towards the last few drivers and the data will not be the same as the first drivers due to fatigue. If the Aerojet was indeed the last driver on your test, you said it yourself that you couldn't find the sweetspot on the Aerojet, you were probably gassed by then.

  6. Very interesting that Lou highlighted the low spin and trajectory with the Aerojet. I know that's a big bonus when using the Kai'li white shaft. Not surprised that the Radspeed did the best. I love my Radspeed XB, so forgiving with the same distance and ball speed as the Aerojet. I'll actually be upgrading my shaft to the Kai'li blue and I'm so excited to get an upgrade in performance without needing a whole new club. Shafts matter too!

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