Why YOUR HANDICAP is changing in 2024 (simple breakdown)

In this video we explain the changes made to the World Handicap System in 2024, and why they might be causing some confusion to golfers regarding their handicaps.

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11 thoughts on “Why YOUR HANDICAP is changing in 2024 (simple breakdown)

  1. How can you use machine calculated handicaps when playing knockout comps to determine the shots given? Whole thing has been over complicated

  2. I don’t go out to play serious golf I want to enjoy myself when I am not playing competitions. How can the powers that be expect a card to be submitted each time we play! How about when you’re working on your game or if there is a blockage on the course or the weather changes so random holes are skipped. It’s got too complicated, if the course is Par 71 then that should be what you are playing against why this CSS doesn’t make sense imho.

  3. Talking absolute bollocks just ditch the system the governing body needs sorting out flawed from the day it was introduced and still not getting better I think you would find given a vote to reverting back to the old system you would be out of a job some of the handicaps that are being given out you would expect to see hospital beds and wheelchairs and crutches on the first Tee let's face it we didn't get a choice the powers that be think that we the golfing public need this system put it to a vote to reverting back and you will be in for a shock

  4. Yes as I thought this new amendment to the WHS system has turned a difficult system to comprehend to an impossible one. The person or persons who are proudly (no doubt) pleased with themselves for this revision should be made to play the rest of their golf life as a single player following a fourball of 85 year olds who are in no rush to finish. They will then appreciate what it’s like in the real world!

  5. Overcomplicated confusing and unecessary for the average older golfer who mainly plays casual golf and very few competitions.

  6. The principle of reflecting the difficulty of a course and its individual tees in a player’s handicap when playing a that specific course is, I feel, sound. That’s particularly so for club competitions. I think many golfers would agree with that. However, by creating such a dregree of complexity which many cannot fathom (or don’t want what they see as the hassle of getting to grips with the calculations, which in truth doesn’t take that much effort imho), the golfing associations have simply lost the interest and support of the vast majority of club golfers. I’d also strongly support the points others make that 1) Completion of a full round should be a requirement to have any impact on handicap/HCI and 2) Whilst I initially welcomed the introduction of General Play rounds for handicap (not every golfer can regularly make medals or indeed wish to play in them but do want a handicap which reflects their ability to let them play social golf), I agree that it is probably being abused by some. On balance, not worth having the GP element and it should be abandoned.

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