Worst golf shots of the year | 2021

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Even the best find golf hard…

A compilation of the worst golf shots of the season. This includes moments from the world's top golfers including the likes of Rory McIlroy, Jon Rahm and Henrik Stenson.

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Jackson • 23 years ago says:

What is happening to Rory. He needs to pick it up next year. It’s getting embarrassing

Geoffrey O'Brien says:

I taught them everything they know…

Joe Beuselinck says:

Love how they always show the VERY best players. Not just the mid level guys. Just to drive home the point that this game bites everyone.

Kevin says:

busted out laughing at the guys with the swing and miss

Matthew Groebe says:

I don’t know what this says about my golf game, but I would be perfectly content with 2/3 of these

The good Godfrey flies says:

This is so comedic, but only because I fluff it out of the rough. I think so hard about how to get out of the bunker that I duff(!!!) My bunker shot. I think too much about how to hit the chip shot that I decelerate and it doesn't make it past the collar. When I want my approach shot to make the green so much I freeze up and top it 50 yards left. When I am angry that I missed a sinkable easy putt and end up tapping it in two times. When tour pros do it, the golfing gods of today. It makes them look human. Schadenfreude, my guy. Best comedy in town.

Jeremy Brown says:

Waiting for the Most Okay Shots of 2021 compilation

David Gilson says:

I could make a 4 hour compilation every weekend.

Dave Lewis says:

These aren't bad. Come watch me and my buddies play, that'll be a lowlight reel

Kittenfishman says:

This title is inaccurate, i don't see any clips of me anywhere

HamTrade says:

This is a real golf game😇 pros also can make a mistake

Aloha_2winDad says:

Best drive of the day and this happens 13:06…That's me right there LOL

Barrie Fitzgerald says:

Mine holes tend to be slice right off the tee over compensate hook left to other side fairway then inner range send it over top of green into woods behind or top it 3ft in front followed by over hitting green then chipping back way I came followed by 3 put

du haoshen says:

that's what i really need. keeping me away from quit golf.

Matt Plyler says:

I just watch these to make myself feel better

Barrett Ennis says:

Even these guys struggle sometimes with 3 woods, which makes me feel better bc I can’t hit mine off the fairway at all

ScoMoCrunch says:

I'm fairly sure I hit each of those shots thru the first nine holes last weekend!

Caleb Smith says:

This looks like my last two driving range sessions

J Mackay says:

I’d have been happy with most of those shots….

J S says:

Seeing Patrick Reed top a golf ball makes me happy

Okee Smokee says:

A humbling compilation. I actually had a short chip go behind me this year – a first. Chunked into the ground, the divot stuck to the wedge with the ball attached – then flipped behind me. I laughed all day about it.

Joey Whalen says:

Only here for the reaction shots…

Dog lover JB says:

I like to hit when others are talking… it's good practice. DJ shouldn't have blamed that misshot on the camera man.

Jamie Shin says:

Players make mistakes too.😔

BigBall Dragon says:

That Sergio drive around 3:10 is literally a good drive for me

cledesma135 says:

Even their bad swings look good

Noot CS says:

Theyre just like me fr

Real says:

About the having noise – I agree. When its dead quiet, its easier for something to distract you. When there is constant noise, its easier to tune it all out.

James Bond says:

Rory being Rory.

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