Worst golf shots of the year | 2021

Even the best find golf hard…

A compilation of the worst golf shots of the season. This includes moments from the world's top golfers including the likes of Rory McIlroy, Jon Rahm and Henrik Stenson.

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30 thoughts on “Worst golf shots of the year | 2021

  1. This is so comedic, but only because I fluff it out of the rough. I think so hard about how to get out of the bunker that I duff(!!!) My bunker shot. I think too much about how to hit the chip shot that I decelerate and it doesn't make it past the collar. When I want my approach shot to make the green so much I freeze up and top it 50 yards left. When I am angry that I missed a sinkable easy putt and end up tapping it in two times. When tour pros do it, the golfing gods of today. It makes them look human. Schadenfreude, my guy. Best comedy in town.

  2. Mine holes tend to be slice right off the tee over compensate hook left to other side fairway then inner range send it over top of green into woods behind or top it 3ft in front followed by over hitting green then chipping back way I came followed by 3 put

  3. A humbling compilation. I actually had a short chip go behind me this year – a first. Chunked into the ground, the divot stuck to the wedge with the ball attached – then flipped behind me. I laughed all day about it.

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