2012 Masters – Phil Mickelson warming up at Augusta National Golf Club

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I captured some good video of Phil Mickelson going through his warm up routine on Wednesday of the 2012 practice round at Augusta National Golf Club. It was very interesting to watch him go through his routine and hit all his wedges at different yardages. He concentrates and focuses on all his shots. He watches the ball land, so he knows exactly how far the ball has carried. He aims at targets. He never hit a wedge that didn’t have a target or landing point in mind. This is why Phil Mickelson is the best short game player in the world and is always in contention at a Major Championship.


Rory Williamson says:

What are those flags for?

Grexa Golf says:

Great and thanks for the comment. I am glad you enjoy the video.

Rowan Foxley says:

this is probably the greatest video on youtube. i have been looking for
quality footage of phils 2012 swing for months. THANKS

Dave Coombes says:

Rate my swing plz

allaboutthepump says:

whats on his arm???

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