🔥🔥 Golf Swing Drills to Fix Balance [DO THIS POSTURE DRILL!]

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This video is about Golf Swing Drills to Fix Balance For Golf.
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Richard Dorsch says:

Your site is extremely interesting and helpful…thank you.

Nathan Williams says:

Great advice in these videos Thankyou very much 😂❤🎉😢😮😅😊

CornishMaid says:

I would love to be able to do either of those balance swings, however unfortunately for me, I’ve suffered from labrynthitis ever since I was mid 30’s, I’m now 65, but thankfully I still manage a reasonable swing.

David says:

Adam, glad too see a video from you. It’s been awhile. Glad to see that both you and Mediterra are still kicking given what’s happened in that area recently.

The Indoor Outdoorsman says:

I've recently been presented the opportunity to expand my bag a little. I currently have my driver at 12.5, then it goes to my 5 wood at 19.5 and then my 5 iron at 25. The expansion would be a new 5 wood at 18, a 7 wood at 21 and a 4 hybrid at 22. I'm, still paying of a 45, but I haven't actually played a round in four months, only practicing. So it might be lower by now. Is the change up worth doing and is it worth getting the 4 hybrid too?

Craig Perkin says:

This guy is good.

Wayne Young says:

Great work and very tempting to get your app.
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