Counter Balance the Golf Club for Effortless Path Control, Strike and Consistency

We can often end up losing our balance in the golf swing simply by not having the bodily awareness of counter balancing the golf club throughout the swing. Here are a couple of drills/exercises to help us regain balance in the golf swing, leading to a free flowing finish, better strikes, path variability, strike and consistency.

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Marcus Bell is a registered exercise professional and sports bio-mechanist but any exercises recommended or suggested in this video are performed purely at the individual's own risk.

14 thoughts on “Counter Balance the Golf Club for Effortless Path Control, Strike and Consistency

  1. I want to lengthen my g425 graphite irons.
    I hear they may be counter balanced.
    If they are. How do I go about lengthening them if there is a weight plug?
    And what would the id of the shaft be?

  2. Great video Sam. What is a good drill to get the timing of the vertical force up with striking the ball. Would assume you want to eventually time them together for efficiency. I tend to chuck frequently when trying to strike using vertical force ( I early release). Thanks.

  3. Who is this Mr Sam? What clear and convincing explantions! Never thought of swing balance and club speed coming predominantly from proper control of the left side and left arm. I'm sure Mr Marcus (sorry) talked about this many times before, but not in such detail and nor at a pace at which I could understand its logic. Sam, please keep them lessons coming thick and fast for us utube lesson junkies. Could you please in your future lessons also add in one small detail which other teachers seldom do – that is, for each and every movement talked about, tell us the exact effect that particular movement is having on the clubface condition and its interaction with the ball. ie the how AND the why. That would help with our understading so much more. Thank you for a great lesson!

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