10 Best Clubs In Last 10 Years – PGA Championship – Fantasy Golf – Talking Golf Tuesday May 22, 2023

Let us know your top ten for the last ten in the comments below.

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14 thoughts on “10 Best Clubs In Last 10 Years – PGA Championship – Fantasy Golf – Talking Golf Tuesday May 22, 2023

  1. As you probably know some clubs just work, others don't. The driver that works for me is the 2018 Callaway Rogue Draw. The turquoise color is a little funky, but the performance makes up for it. Very consistent and reliable driver that delivers great distance and trajectory.

  2. Instead of the Mizuno Pros get a set of Mizuno MP 14s. The irons are actually somewhat forgiving and good size. And they look like the Pros. With a little Sharpie work you could have some “Pros” for close to 1/10 the price! And honestly a fantastic club. loved your list.

  3. Ha, this is educational for me, having been away from golf a long time. I have bought a few single irons, wedges over the past year, most of those are too old for this list, lol, except for two Ping Glide gorge wedges, 54 and 50 degree. Excellent wedges. I have a newer Titleist 8 iron…AP3, with a shaft I'm just not familiar with. AMG red s300, 35 degrees of loft, I don't like it anymore probably less than a thirty year old DCI black 8 iron I have, It'll get out there for sure on an "A" swing but I'm not wowed by it at all. Ping S55's have really got my attention, I Blades too.
    Congrats to Brooks, who I favored slightly, but what a tournament!

  4. I’ll go by OEM:
    Callaway – Epic Driver, PM Grind Wedges, Heavenwoods, Apex UW
    Cobra – F9 Driver, MIM Tour Irons
    Mizuno – HMB, JPX Irons
    Ping – G400 Drivers, i210 Irons, G425 Max Fairways, Hybrids, and Irons
    Srixon/Cleveland – ZX MKII Irons, RTX6 Wedges, best value for good feeling new putters
    Taylormade – Sim OG Driver, Sim Ti Fairways, P790 Irons, Stealth HD Irons
    Titleist – TSI and TSR Woods, T100 Irons

  5. In no particular order:
    Cleveland Frontline Elevado, Wilson Staff C200 hybrids, Wilson Staff FG Tour F 5 irons, Cleveland CBX2 wedges, Titleist TS2 driver, Srixon 565/765 combo iron set, Mizuno M Craft III blue ion putter (the only club on my list that I dont own yet), Ping Glide 2.0 Stealth wedges, 2018 Callaway Rogue fairways, Mizuno JPX 900 forged irons.

    Also, I agree that the Hogan Ft. Worth irons are gorgeous, but i havent hit them, unfortunately. And my buddy has a G425 3 wood that Im always asking to hit.

  6. Best irons, callaway x18 reg graphite. And this , I realize, is off the board, but any hickory club made by louisville golf. Haven't found a driver in the last 10 years I would even use as a garden tool. Still hit the Ping g15. But woods by louisville golf are always straight and long enough.. It seem a little odd using them with my x18s but it works for me. And any 2 ball putter.

  7. cani't think of any….I play w/vintage clubs (earliest set I have is "91)…well, my woods are a bit later (Hogan Big Ben C-S3 driver, Hogan Big Ben C455….but these don't fit your parameters either) & my putter is a '58 H&B Grand Slam Mars 70 (retail/general line)…

  8. M2 is pretty good. I bought a beat up one, and it works. Gotta include the G400 (6.0 is stiff)

    F9 is great. The 3 woods have been all the same with different names.

    I had the P790s. Could never shot shape. Gotta try the blueprints.

    SLDR, ok. Eh?

    Mizuno, always a good choice. $$$

    Good list. Tough to really tell? Fort Worth irons? What is that?

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