Ben Hogan's Magic Elbow – The Best Ball Striking Tip I've Ever Received

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In today's video I'm going to share the BEST ball striking tip I've ever received. It's inspired from a tip in Ben Hogan's classic, Power Golf.

The trail arm plays a crucial role in the golf swing, yet many amateur players get it completely wrong.

The proper action of your arm get your club on plane, creates forward shaft lean at impact, and ensures you rotate through the shot for maximum power.

In today’s lesson I'll show you a simple drill that will help you get the proper action in your right arm.

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23 thoughts on “Ben Hogan's Magic Elbow – The Best Ball Striking Tip I've Ever Received

  1. Thank you Zach. Many golfers may already have this movement in their muscle memory from childhood without knowing it. Attempting to skim a flat stone on surface of water with underhand throw mimics exactly the trail arm (and hip!) action in golf downswing.

  2. I kinda stumbled on tucking my right elbow in last season on my own. My swing was just to wide open and I wasn't generating any power. I can't remember what tipped me off to try tucking my elbow in, but whatever it was has now been confirmed by your video that I am onto somthing game changing. I'm very excited to get my 2024 season underway after my shoulder surgery gets fully recovered. Thx for the help!

  3. I have been using your right elbow/arm set-up for about 6 months because of a rotator cuff issue. I learned how to hit my ball straight again and with much more power and distance. After many months of worse and worse pain, finding a rotator cuff was now completely detached, I had surgery on January 16th, a couple of months before my 74th birthday. I am in the healing process and soon to be more and more into the physical therapy part. I can't wait to get back in shape and out on the golf course. I WILL STRICKTLY ADHERE TO YOUR TIP as I get back ready to hit my age.
    Thank you for the great Video…..only wish I had seen it a year ago

  4. Great Video, As a college golfer it’s always simple things that can change major things in the golf swing. I was too worried on my grip and i started implementing a wrong elbow set up. Now i start hitting the ball straight again!

  5. Homer Kelly was a Boeing aircraft engineer from Seattle and wrote the Golf Machine…It is a book of mathematical and geometric laws principals and theories which is for the most part unreadable as it relates to the golf swing…I bought the book as a junior golfer as well and after 2 or 3 pages I tossed it…When Homer passed away his most famous disciple (Bobby Clampett) had no one to explain the book and his career fell very far short of where it should have been…There are far easier books/theories/methods to follow than Homers book imho…With that said he was a very nice man…I met him and he never pushed his ideas onto anyone…But he left behind a very very difficult read…Good pointers though that you are giving here in your video…Best wishes and good luck to all…

  6. That is funny I felt that right elbow… I hadn’t played in months, finding that power again was all in that elbow… I golf regularly always trying to tweak the swing

  7. Hogan had (by description of his mentee Ken Venturi) very long arms. Could his bending of the Right elbow have been caused by these knuckle dragging arms? What is you have short arms? To keep the trail elbow bent would require a Will Zalatoris like bend. We all know what that did to his back.

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