► In this video, Joel Tadman and Dan Parker run through their ten favorite golf training aids you can buy right now that will have the biggest impact on improving your game. If you're looking to make progress over the winter or have simply reached the end of your tether with one particular area of the bag, we're confident one of these devices will provide a helping hand and move you a step close to overcoming your issues.

00:00 Intro
00:50 GForce 7-Iron Swing Trainer – https://hawk.ly/m/GForce-7-iron-swing-trainer/i/GM-DP21
2:51 Blast Golf Swing Analyser – https://hawk.ly/m/Blast-Golf-Swing-Analyser/i/GM-DP22
4:20 Srixon Q-Star Divide – https://hawk.ly/m/Srixon-QStar-Tour-Divide-Golf-Balls/i/GM-DP23
6:15 SuperSpeed Training Sticks – https://hawk.ly/m/SuperSpeed-Golf-Mens-Training-Set/i/GM-DP24
8:10 Liveview Pro 2 – https://hawk.ly/m/Liveview-Pro-2/i/GM-DP25
10:15 PuttOut Pressure Trainer – https://hawk.ly/m/Puttout-Premium-Pressure-Putt-Trainer/i/GM-DP26
11:46 Lamkin Grip Trainer – https://hawk.ly/m/Lamkin-Training-Grip/i/GM-DP27
13:42 MAMG Breaking Golf Balls – https://hawk.ly/m/the-breaking-ball-putting-mat/i/GM-DP28
15:39 DeWiz Golf Swing Monitor – https://hawk.ly/m/dewiz-golf-swing-monitor/i/GM-DP29
17:29 Short Game Gains – https://shortgamegains.com/products/ultimate-short-game-toolkit

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10 thoughts on “10 BEST GOLF TRAINING AIDS!

  1. Hi
    It’s a shame you did not include anything from Zen golf ( Marcus Bell)
    Might be worth you watching a couple of his videos on U Tube, and take it from there, By Far one of the best golf sites, just watch the change when the participants get Zenned!!! happy Viewing!!

  2. Super Speed sticks… yes they do work, however be cautious about feeding your ego and stick to hitting straight, with more consistency than distance – my perfect baby draw, became a Cut and my miss went from a Hook to a Slice.

    I've spent more time with injured wrists and elbows and even more money on trying to re-learn a baby draw. Be careful what you wish for as an Amateur.

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