RANKING all the BEST to WORST golf training AIDS!?

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we take a look at the full spectrum of golf training aids, to see which ones you should put in the bag and ones you should avoid!?

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Chris Ross says:

Looking into these cause I stated golf 9 months ago n came along ways I fixed a bad slice to hitting 275 straight but my irons n flop shots need work n winters coming so I need a training aid to get me through 3 months of winter.

Ted Zink says:

I still carry the Medicus in the bag. Great as a warm up that gives instant feedback for multiple swing flaws. Pretty old but really works.

johnny b says:

The Putt-Out is excellent when used with a line on your ball.

David Sadler says:

Shout out to Terry G. Say what you will…but the dude lived it.

Christoph says:

Simon: "I think the putting mirror is VERY good!"

Also Simon: puts it in the OK category

Stevie K says:

I wish you had done a bit more explaining what each of these are. I mean the shirt is kind of self explanatory

Ken Sanford says:

This is such a great video!

Richard Kent says:

Dr Kwon rope
I can make these for you

Franco Phillips says:

What about Mike Austin's "Flammer"?

NineEyeRon says:

V easy is number 1 right?

Patrick McCarthy says:

Swinging while keeping a golf glove under your armpit and a credit card in the back of your glove are awesome aids

Mike Reed says:

Love my puttout!! What do you think of training grips which are formed to teach the proper grip?

Jon Buikema says:

Upside down CD or DVD for putting will show eye position. Great cheap option.

Timmy Gasman says:

Can you imagine Lee Trevino with this pile of crap??

Ady Harris says:

I brought the momentus club years ago a great tool 🔥

Alfonso Ordoñez says:

Speed Training is different from Training aids.. actually is a complete different category with multiple players: SuperSpeed, The Stack, Ryp Stick (my favorite)

spenno73 says:

Great vid Simon, any experience of the DST compressor clubs, seen them in quite a few tour pros bags, Finua,Rose,Rahm? Thanks

Roger Lindgren says:

Just started to use a thin elastic string tied between two tees. From this you can set an aim line for putting. One aid I missed from the rating was a soft ball on a string around your neck to place in between your arms. I’ve seen many pros use this in practice

robert gray says:

Forgot one other item…mobile phone using the video.

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