PGA GOLF PRO Rick Shiels tests the the difference between 4 different putters all at 4 different price points ranging from £10.99 to £329


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Hi I'm Rick Shiels, welcome to my channel RickShielsPGAGolf. This YouTube channel is designed to help you play better golf, also to help you enjoy your golf more!

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29 thoughts on “£10 VS £330 | GOLF PUTTER TEST

  1. Love the video! I have found that an old Sam Snead "pay-off" putter works best for me. That's right…an ugly metal version of the rubber two-way putters you use at mini putt golf courses. ????

  2. Hey Rick I got a Really nice putter from the charity shop the other day for £15
    Well actually it was a full set of clubs in a bag for that. What really drew me into buying them was when I opened the rain cover there was a 1998 Scotty Cameron TEi3 staring back at me.

  3. So much of the feel of a putter is from the grip. A funky cheapo grip on even a good shaft connected to a well balanced head would be a bad experience. I think you would have to put the same grip, the one you like best of course, on all the clubs to fairly compare the head and shaft of any putters. Plus, it's pretty cheap to change out whatever grip you have.

    I've picked up a zillion putters over the years, new ones and stuff out of the used club barrels, and I think most all of them would get the job done if you made a good stroke with them. But putting is a lot about confidence and comfort with your sticks so getting one that looks good to your eye, (never liked mallets for that reason) and feels good in the hand you're good, whether you spend $ or $$$$.

  4. It's not that the expensive stuff isn't worth the price being charged, your buying better quality, but for the average golfer how much difference is it really going to make. For PGA member it's a different story.

  5. I know it's difficult but don't buy a scotty cameron for £500 and instead buy 10-15 golf lessons >.< Same for drivers. Don't buy that sweet sweet Stealth driver for £400 with the gorgeous carbon fibre head, red and black detailing… mmmm

  6. Swag Handsome One… $1111.11 plus tax ???? I know I have a problem… I could buy golf lessons but I buy 100$ head covers instead! I look really good when I shank the ball in the woods though ????

  7. Decided to try a Lazrus putter $65 free delivery. The grip is cheap and feels cheap but I like the weight of the head. Milled face and I like the way the ball comes off the face. The first day out I made 17 3' putts in a row before I missed one and made 4 10' putts out of 7 . I don't think I could do any better with a putter costing 4 time as much. Not much pride of ownership and you're sure not going to wow your buddies, but it will do the job

  8. At the end of the day unless you are a superior player different clubs of any type will only make you “so much better” it would matter if I used a $100 driver or a $500 driver I’d get pretty much the same results

  9. An Odyssey SRT 3 ball – bought on Ebay for £16.37 (I still feel sorry for the seller for not applying a minimum price) seven years ago. Performs fabulously and I will never change.
    Nb. I did check out the market a little while ago and had a fitting, to be told they had nothing to match it!

  10. So I recently bought an Evenroll ER2. From my feel preference and how I thought I rolled the ball. That was the reason why I bought that putter. I tried an odyssey 2 ball the new Ten style putter. I did not like the way it suited my eye. I tried the Cleveland putter. I liked it but for me, how light the putter was, I thought the face was hard to control because of that. The Evenroll was heavy and I felt like I squared the face to give a more end over end roll. I tried the new Ping series and they were more expensive than the Evenroll. I think the Evenroll was a better deal. I tried the mizuno in right hand (as I am a lefty) just for the feel. I didn’t like how springy it was. So long story short the Evenroll suited me best but it depends on your budget as well. If I didn’t want or had the money to spend I would have went with the Cleveland. It’s all in the user.

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