“ANTI-SLICE” HYBRID Tested By A HIGH HANDICAP GOLFER! The worst golf shot a high handicap golfer to play is a slice… ew have seen numerous YouTube videos on “how to cure your slice” by myself, Mark Crossfield, Peter Finch, Me and My Golf, Chris Ryan, Danny Maude, Rick Shiels, theist is endless… but how can you stop slicing your golf shots? in this video we look at a golf club which claims to help that. The Callaway Big Bertha B21 golf clubs consist of a new Driver, new fairway woods, new hybrids and even new irons… all designed to help golfers stop your slice! What is the best hybrid for High handicap golfers? is this the best high handicap hybrid? let's find out… and let's do it now!


  1. Hello from south Australia i love seeing Foxy in your videos james, being only new to golf and a 26 handicap myself he is very relatable. Love your content and keep up the good work Foxy.

  2. I think these issue are difficult to diagnose and fix.
    I have an Adams Pro 4 hybrid and the same Mizuno except its a six hybrid. I hit both clubs well enough but typically slice my driver? Sometimes the dreaded slice moves into my hybrids as well.
    The Mizuno hybrids are same length as the irons they replace and are fairly easy to hit – the Adams Pro are more difficult but great off a tee !
    When he was hitting them well they were super shots – so if he perseveres -he will be sorted !

  3. As a 16 hdcp (43 yrs old), I brought in a 3(19)/4(22)/5(26) hybrid and they've made a huge difference to my game. I'm now trending towards a 14hdcp and I think I may even go lower. I have more confidence off the tee and loads more from the fairway/rough.

  4. the last part when it goes right with that club yeah I think if he was using the other one it would of went just a tad more right but not as much as your saying because he never hit one that far right as what you said but it does look like you would be giving up distance for just alittle bit of help so I guess it is up to the person do you want less distance but hit it straighter or left or do you want the distance and have it go to the right sometimes

  5. I am using Cleveland Launcher Halo 2H-16° and 3H-19° hybrids paired with the Big Bertha B21 4-AW irons. Graphite shafts in both hybrids and irons. No fairway woods in my bag.

  6. I’m a 5 and a part of the reason is my hybrids. I replaced my 3 & 4 irons with a 21* & 18*. Best decision I made. Keeps it under the wind or fly high and stop. Definitely have more control with them from more difficult lyes. I could hit the irons good but the forgiveness is undeniably better.

  7. Had 2 hybrids in the bag… HYB 2 and HYB3 Cobra F8… I dread the day I'm gonna need to change my Hyb2, but the HYB3 had been taken out of the bag for a 21degrees Wilson staff driving iron. As I get better, I feel like the iron can provide me with better options and i've probably hit it more in a single round than I did the HYB3.
    but the HYB2… I don't regret changing my 5 wood for it ever.
    So i'm guessing the best option is one hybrid you can hit steady and straight?

  8. I've got 2 hybrids in the bag a TaylorMade R15 19* and my go to hybrid I Frankenstein'd together after finding the head in a creek… TaylorMade R7 Draw 28*

  9. Buying a club to counteract a swing fault doesn't fix the problem imho. I think the money would be better spent on lessons. Each to their own though, I know many will get more enjoyment from the game using them and that matters too.

  10. He's pretty good for a 20-something handicap. Wont be long before he's in the teens.
    Anyone else notice the little adjustment of his grip just as he does his takeaway? Might be something to look at in case the club twists when he re-grips it, could cause the club to open up.

  11. Got rid of my hybrids, at the moment have a TM RBZ 5 wood and a Ping G10 7 wood in the bag, looking to upgrade the Ping to a 425 Max 7 wood. That RBZ 5 is immense (ask Dan Hendriksen)

  12. This guy hits longer than me. Im a 16.2 handicapper. Everything i see reinforces the area of work needed for most is course planning and the short game

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