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Lets face it, we would all like a little more club speed, to hit longer driver and outdrive our playing partners.

We also know that there are many factors when in comes to hitting longer driver, but in this videos Chris Ryan covers 2 very simple, yet effective, drills that can hep you do just that.

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Musa Karim says:

Please make a video about short downhill lie chips. Thanks. Love what you do for us high handicapped golfers.

Jason Bowles says:

Really love this tip. Using a swing speed radar and a practice club, I would occasionally reach 100 mph but would vary a lot session to session (85-100 mph). This tip has me swinging over 95 every time. I'll try to ingrain this feeling then switch to hitting some balls since the release timing is so different. My follow through is also much better with this tip. Thanks!

TheHardnasty says:

122 average club head speed. But ball spin it to high

Dwiteshrute says:

How do the pros but it so far? Is it the club s? Do u th ink there irons are bent stronger? They are hitting driver wedge on almost every hole.

SaucyNoscope says:

Driver 87
7 iron 80

MegaHolein1 says:

And the difference in my strike on all shots is amazing

MegaHolein1 says:

Two days ago I watched this video on how to move the body to create a faster swing. I have practiced the moves and played on the last two days

Bullwhip says:

Thanks a lot. Best tip ever. Gretings from Italy.

Colton Lesley says:

105 with 7 iron and 119 with driver I’m trying to get over 300 yds but I’m consistently getting 280-290

BigTallOx says:

My driver is between 118-122 MPH. I don't hit 7 irons, I only care about getting better at long drive.

Quidium says:

Driver speed 106 and get 240-275 yards. Play a six iron at 155 yards. I am 5’8” 175. Play style is like a Corey Pavin.

Rick Sanchez says:

80 7i / 90 Driver

Richard Selbitschka says:

95 with driver

PT Suksawas says:

Driver 240 7 iron 150

Lenny Lehnertz says:

88 7 iron 104 driver

George Cerio says:

Driver 81 +/-

Michael McDermott says:

I do not know my swing speed.

Kenny Allan says:

7 iron ca. 86mph. Don't have a driver

That Golfing Vlog says:

Current 105-110 with a driver and 85 with 7 iron. Want to increase speed

Alex Liptak says:

7 iron 89 driver 98

Mike McHaley says:

7 iron 78 mph, driver 91 mph

Per Magnusson says:

I measured my sw and that was 110 no idea on driver or 7 iron but they don't go short

Damian Plante says:

7iron 104-5
Driver 126

GallowayGolf says:

7I= 92

iPotato says:

I went from 108 driver to about 93, I’m only 23, wtf happened

John Browning says:

7 iron 105, Driver 145

Chadikenz says:

7i to driver should be about a 20 mph difference ?

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