2010 Masters Tournament Final Round Broadcast

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Michael Smith says:

Tiger's attitude has changed so much in eight years.

camelCase says:

376yd drive on 2 Phil??? Are you kidding?

francis1971 says:

Phil has done something that Tiger has never done – come from behind to win a major championship.

joeboo629 says:

Phil the thrill. He is always a roller coster ride win or loose.

Jacobus Stefanus van der Vyver says:

Spectators run to the ball as a dog would run for a treat so f funny

CamBam says:

This was such a great year for the tournament.

Robert Landry says:

I really pray all these don't get deleted from 1968 to 2017 for a long time. They are so awesome to watch and youtube and I love The Masters.


Missing the eagle putt on 13 was peak Phil.

Walter Heisenberg says:

This and the final round at Muirfield are the best rounds he’s ever played. I’d put the final round of the ‘14 PGA in there too but Rory beat him there.

Zug75 says:

tigers front nine cost him, and 14, at least par that and would have given himself a chance

John Doiron says:

@1:06:24 You could not stand 2 feet away from the line of Phil's putt and throw that bud on the green and hit that spot in 50 tries. I'm glad such bad luck didn't derail his round. I was flabbergasted when I saw it happen live, and even more when they showed how the putt got knocked off line!

gentle gentle says:

it is just amazing how often Couples has got himself into the mix on Sunday at The Masters.

Som Guy says:

Phil is the man

Kaleb Brasee says:

3:26:00 Phil's crazy approach shot through the trees on 13

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