2021-12-31 Bill Shea on Dr Kwon Golf

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Young-Hoo Kwon, Ph.D.
Professor & Director, Biomechanics Laboratory, Texas Woman's University, Denton, TX
ykwon@twu.edu | kwon3d@kwon3d.com
#TWU #Kinesiology #Biomechanics

#KGRANDIOSE Before & After with Two-Step Swing Drills
#Kwonified Golfer: Bill Shea (58)
Date: Dec 31, 2021
Location: #TWU Motion Analysis Lab

Bill Shea said “Your lesson had an immediate impact as I shot a 79 this afternoon at Stonebridge Dye Course. I started to run out of gas on the back nine as I do not normally take that many swings in a week let alone one day.”

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vince guest says:

Bill's rotation in the backswing would be better if he let his head rotate with the movement ala Bernhard Langer.

Chuck Meyer says:

Dr Kwon, I love everything about your teaching. I wonder if you could tell me where you got the rope?
It seems the home stores – depot, lowes – have nylon rope or rope that’s too skinny.
Also, what is the total length of the rope.
Thank You for this ground breaking instruction.

Chris Hemley says:

Is this technique applicable to irons

Chris Browne says:

Your teaching is more thorough than others and you explain the dynamics of the golf swing so clearly .

Zoo Siab says:

Thank you for sharing this video with the world. Very useful content indeed!

Mark Matthews says:

After watching Dr Kwon’s videos, I have finally gotten the chance to try his technique on the range. Wow. Effortless power. And any time I miss hit one- same reason: using my arms. The arms are along for the ride. Its your CORE that creates the swing. I have much more a feel of hitting it “late”- maybe I un-rushed is a better term. No thoughts of the hands, wrists or fingers- the big muscles do all the work. The step drill is the foundation for the swing. Thank you Dr Kwon!

caintiger says:

This is a tremendously helpful example. The student, like many of us, is incredibly inflexible and lacks the core flexibility to turn on both the backswing and follow through that he pulls with his shoulders instead of throw with his arms..I have this same problem.. can wait to try this out in my bay and then on the range. I have the same problem in that I don’t rotate my back far enough to face the target on my backswing so I run out of room with my arms and end up bringing the club up instead of back..then have no where to go but pull down instead of throw.. such a great video!

Robert wood says:

Do you give lessons? If so how do I reach you?

Bob Young says:

Your drills are very good for a nice smooth tempo. I've been trying them for a few days now. The only issue is going from a swing with no ball to actually hitting a ball. I am correctly on plane and smooth with the drills but when hitting a ball I end up starting down steep. I'm not sure how to fix this. Maybe you could do a video with actually hitting balls outside with a down the line view.

Dkiash says:

Both teacher and pupil did a great job here!! Hats off to each of them. I was exhausted just watching. Well done Bill for going the distance!! It’s clear how much effort must go into unwinding years of bad habits. The good news seems to be that if you are diligent, get the drills down and actually do them—they are very effective at jump starting the process of getting a person to do what’s right and start eliminating what’s wrong fairly quickly. After watching the BBG/Brendan videos and trying this for the first time a few weeks ago—-I swear in 10 swings I could feel a sequencing difference, and the step drills immediately highlighted in bold letters the primary swing flaws I have struggled with for years. Follow on work has only confirmed that. A big thanks to Dr Kwon for so freely sharing the results of years of hard work on his and his team’s part—and to Bill for putting in the effort and sweat to show us all this in real time! Thanks!!!!

호돌이TV says:

Nice lesson ⛳🤗

Muhammad Faiz says:

Dr kwon, interesting

Jonathan Smith says:

Being stiff makes swinging the club rhythmically much more difficult. In table tennis, it is said power comes from the ground – leg driving and hip turning. Many golf instructors tout the same principle. I just read an article written in 1977 by 5 instructors at that time, including Harvey Penick, for GOLF magazine that purport power comes from the arm swing (wrists, hands, and forehand) not the legs. Lots of contradictory information makes figuring out what to practice confusing.

dubs20000 says:

In mu humble opinion, two suggestions.. 1. Loosen the grip on the club and 2. Feeltw weight of the club head all through the swing

LiquidMocoFilms LLC says:

Its amazing how golf instruction is today.. It's like religion, whatever works at the time.

I wonder what George Gankas says about Dr. Kwon… Dr. Kwon pretty much teaches against George Gankas frist move with the legs to start the downswing. In my opinion Dr. Kwon's movement and teachings are so much more natural and athletic. George probably got good at swinging using that type of downswing and maybe it does work for some people, but following Dr. Kwon's instruction will literally change your golf game.

Tony Herrera says:

Great content Dr. Kwon! I really like how you post the whole session it really helps me understand.

David Oakes says:

Brilliant. Thanks Doc.

Donald Morrison says:

Really important comment around the one hour six minute time. Push in the ground with the left foot on the downswing when the hips are still closed.

Tytus Konarzewski says:

It is awesome coverage.Thank you a lot Dr.Kwon to show as your idea of teaching a proper sequence, proper tempo, structure of the golf swing. It is like completely different approach to that topic … change a lot in way of thinking about how you can build proper technique…

Alfred Neugebauer says:

thank you dr. kwon! it is great, to see someone in the same age doing the drill. young athletes are always doing better 😉

Mellenix says:

Loving the videos. Could we get the link to the Instagram video Dr Kwon referenced?

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