3 Differences in Tokyo Japan Golf Shopping vs American Golf Shopping

3 Differences in Tokyo Japan Golf Shopping vs American Golf Shopping

In this video, Coach Shayain compares the experience of shopping for golf equipment in Japan and the US. He visits a PGA Tour Superstore in Scottsdale, Arizona, and a camera store in Tokyo, Japan. He notes that both stores offer a variety of golf equipment, including clubs, clothes, and gadgets. However, he observes some differences, such as the presence of unique and colorful tees in Japan and a senior tee in the US. He also mentions that Tokyo has a high concentration of golf-related stores and indoor sim facilities. Additionally, he points out cultural differences, such as the prominent display of the US flag in American stores compared to the absence of the Japanese flag in Japanese stores. Coach Shayain also highlights features he likes, such as the hitting bay at the PGA Tour Superstore and the option to try on gloves at the bottom in Japan. He concludes by asking viewers to share their experiences shopping for golf equipment in different countries.

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00:00 Intro
01:22 Golf Merchandise
01:51 Scale of Golf Store
02:51 Number of Golf Shops
03:28 National Flag on Golf Merch
04:03 Hitting Bay
04:56 Womens Golf Clothes
05:10 Golf Clubs
05:55 Golf Gloves
06:39 Golf Clothes and Shoes
07:30 Local Golfers Shopping
08:32 Closing

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6 thoughts on “3 Differences in Tokyo Japan Golf Shopping vs American Golf Shopping

  1. What did you think was the most unique difference with PGA Tour Superstore in the American Golf Shop vs Tokyo Japan Golf Shop which was the Camera Store.

  2. I like the idea of having gloves to try on. The difference between companies is real. And I hate opening one trying it on and putting it back in the package.

  3. The biggest difference I saw when I went to Japan is access to clubs and gear that I can't find in the US like Tourstage/Bridgestone, PRGR, Ryoma, Roma Ro, ON/OFF, etc. Even the usual brands like Titleist, Ping, and Callaway had Japan only stuff. The best stores are the small non-chain stores that are hard to find and you need to speak at least some Japanese or have a local person translate for you. I picked up Iomic grips at $4 per grip vs $15+ in the US at one of these stores. For big chain stores, Golf Partner was the best for used gear. In Japan, buying used gear is frowned upon so you can get used stuff from 1-2 years ago for super cheap.

  4. Went to Tokyo & Osaka over summer and struck how Japanese golf superstores were multi-story buildings with different focus on each floor – e.g. shoes on 1st floor, women’s golf on 4th floor, clubs & driving bay on 7th floor…
    Yodobashi camera dept store is like Walmart superstore on steroids and has huge golf section in basement that has unexpected array of golf products including all types of head covers, ball markers, exploding prank balls. They also ship to the lower 48
    Finally there were also some smaller specialty golf stores ranging in quality from low end to super fancy like Honma and TaylorMade
    (TaylorMade in Japan carries the Stealth Gloire clubs not found in US)

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