Top 5 Places for Golf Shopping in Japan

In this video I will introduce you to my Top 5 Places for Golf Shopping in Japan. You'll get to see where I go golf shopping whenever I'm in Japan. I'll show you where I find the best Japanese golf accessories, the best Japanese golf clothing, and the best Japanese golf clubs!

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15 thoughts on “Top 5 Places for Golf Shopping in Japan

  1. I literally could not find any other useful resources on this so just want to say THANK YOU!!

    You briefly mentioned it in the video, but for someone that doesn't speak any Japanese would you recommend sticking to the larger retailers (i.e. Victoria Golf Shinjuku or Golf Partner)? Also jw if you've ever had a club fitting in Japan and what that experience was like?

  2. Hi , i just shopped at victoria golf and bought 101000 yen worth of clothes. So happy with my purchases and i dont have to risk buying on taobao. Yes victoria golf at shinjuku is massive ! After i ate lunch i literally took it slow and spent hours shopping the 9 floors. I was travelling alone.

  3. If you are looking for more boutique Japanese brands known for their forging, like most JDM lovers do ie Miura Giken, Fujimoto Gikoh, RomaRo, Baldo etc, you might want to go to their japanese website and find the list of shop addresses in the area you are visiting. To name a few in Tokyo Euroz Golf, Pal Golf, Golf Studio North Field… In Osaka Amenity Golf Aifie (look for Adachi San, great person), El Nikko, Daiichi Golf (a chain).. in Kyoto Wizard Golfshop .. the putter Benock HQ is here too … Himeji the forging mecca home to Miura, Fujimoto, Takumi Japan, Kyoei Golf Industry, is less than an hour from Osaka on Shinkazen.. I am going again end of Aug/eaarly Sept to pick up my Fujimoto and some Miura clubs being build.. hope this helps

  4. Appreciate you making this video! Will be making a trip there this sept. Do you recall if any of the stores you listed sell Scotty Cameron circle t tour putters (new/used) or were you aware of any that do?


  5. Heading there in a week for 13 days. Any tips for brining clubs back to the U.S.? Will shops pull heads so I can just pack them in a carry on or large check in luggage?

  6. Been all over Golf Partner × 3 years. Buying from TourSpec for 8 years. You just need to post videos more frequently. Every 1-2 years is a waste of time. Maybe monthly – do onsite videos of stores, driving ranges, courses.

  7. Hey man I’m heading to Japan in December and was wondering if you knew much about miura and where I could buy a set from them?? Websites hopeless ????

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