3 Golf Setup Tips for Senior Golfers (Vertical Line Swing)

Learn more about the Vertical Line Swing: https://www.verticallinegolf.com/

Your golf setup should not be the same as a senior golfer as it was when you were younger.

We are going to walk through 3 senior golf swing tips you can do in your setup to get some more golf swing rotation and length to your swing, before you swing the club!

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14 thoughts on “3 Golf Setup Tips for Senior Golfers (Vertical Line Swing)

  1. ok, after a few months of trying the VLS, I am actually finding it works better for me working the fade. Aiming slightly left, moderate open face then using VLS back and through! Finding I am swinging way easier

  2. Most beneficial tips I have seen. I laid off golf for 4-5 years and started back playing regularly after retirement. These tips dramatically changed my ball contact and once again have the distance I had earlier.

  3. Before I forget, one quick question for clarity. When we set up slightly aiming right, do you aim square initially and then take the right foot back then flare! Or do you aim slightly right, feet, hips, shoulders etc but keep clubface square to target. Move back on body/feet line to promote baby draw? Thanks Simon 53, southampton, England

  4. Breaking out the clubs again after 3 major surgeries and 16 years of them setting in the garage. At age 63, it’s like starting all over again. I watched a few of your videos and was encouraged that I can work at developing the basic’s of the game again. And with some work, I can get back on the course again. Thanks for focusing on the “Experienced Golfer’s.”

  5. Hi Todd, my name is Rick. I'm 66 and in the last 6 years I've had both hips and knees replaced. I've lost at least 30 yards off my tee shots and I find that I have to use hybrid clubs more often. I chip really well and can save par as a result. My scoring range is 75 to 83. My biggest problem is getting out of sand traps, it's really frustrating. Do you have any tips or suggestions?
    Thank you.

  6. Thank you very much for this set of instructions. I LIve in the UK and started learning to hit the golf ball in my seventies and during the COVID lockdown after purchasing a golf club and some balls from a charity shop and using a field close by. I haven't actually played on a course yet but hope to shortly. Senior golfers probably play more than anybody else. They have retired, in a lot of cases, and want to keep fit. There is definitely a big change in your flexibility as you get older and tips like your are a godsend to more senior golfers.

  7. It is really helpful to read the comments as Todd often gives valuable tips to clear up any doubts
    or misunderstandings you have. That must take considerable time & effort. THANK YOU.

  8. I noticed he is not addressing any of the questions about the setup he proposes sending the ball off to the right, which it will. Also, he wants you to move backwards on the swing instead of rotating the hips ( watch the video again, his head moves to the right, that is a big no-no

  9. Hi, is aiming to the right not in essence NOT aiming to the target anymore? Won't a straight shot then just land off to the right.?

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