How to Hit Irons for Seniors with the Vertical Line Swing

Learn how to hit irons for seniors by fixing these common senior golf swing mistakes.

These golf tips from Todd Kolb of US Golf TV create an easy golf swing for seniors to perform, leading to a better golf swing and more effortless distance!

Learn more about the Vertical Line Golf Swing here:

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23 thoughts on “How to Hit Irons for Seniors with the Vertical Line Swing

  1. Todd, I’ve been recuperating from spine surgery for the last three months. During that time my golf was limited to watching your videos. Yesterday I went out to play for the first time. I just hit wedges, irons and hybrids. I was so pleased with how I was hitting the ball. Better than ever actually and it was due to watching your instructional videos, thanks for you help, Mike from Tucson, Az

  2. Some of your outdoor tips have a microphone issue… gets scratchy when you move around. Love all your tips… have used a couple to make a real difference. Thanks! ?⛳

  3. Love the vertical line swing! I’m working to get more proficient at it, and yes…..I do consider you my golf coach…LOL! Waiting for my Maxvert driver to arrive as well. BTW…..59 years old-live north of Dayton Ohio.
    I’ve watched all your videos on “the swing”. I am getting better, but I’ve seen videos saying different positions for you gloved hand at takeaway. Some say have the label facing down, I think I saw another having it facing out. I assume the label on your glove should face down during the VLS?

  4. Best advice my pro gave me was to try to throw my pecker down towards the flag. For me, this makes everything come together without overthinking it.

  5. Great vid! I have a youngster who tops, I always tell him when he does, just watch the ball until you hit it. I'll watch where it goes. ? Funny, he laughs — but it usually works for a while.

  6. I’m learning the VLS. It is helping already. I’m an experienced golfer from Ponte Vedra,FL. I have a contact problem. I hit many balls off the toe. All clubs! Is there a drill for making good contact?

  7. Enjoy all the helpful advice. While I have been hitting fairly straight or with a slight fade all of a sudden I’m pulling everything left . This coincided with cooler weather. Any thoughts. Thanks. I’m in NY

  8. I've been following you for quite a long time and my game is getting better. I, and I think many other golfers, need your professional advice about how to deal with clubs that are too long.
    Thanks a lot in advance.

  9. Thanks for great video Todd. Finally have been allowing my hip to turn and the leg right leg to straighten and hitting the ball better than I was at 35… Now 75 and have been shooting below my age the last year.

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