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In today’s Impact Show we’re showing you 3 training aids to help you pure your irons! Puring your irons is something everyone is looking to do, this video is designed to help you do that.

Disclaimer: this is not a paid promotion for any of these three companies.

Links to the products:

Tour Striker Smash Bag: https://www.tourstriker.com/shop/product_details.aspx?p=228

Eyeline Speed Trap: https://eyelinegolf.com/products/speed-trap?variant=410782593

Fat Plate: https://www.fatplate.golf


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Anthony Procopis says:

Nice one, solid training aid. That said, this one here is an improved version for not only irons but hybrids, woods and the driver: http://www.slotitgolf.com

Unicorn Foster says:

I am inspired by you guys to play golf ⛳️

Jason Breding Iowa Realty Realtor4u - Agent4u says:

we are starting a jr pga team here locally do you have these three training ads that you could donate to our program ?

Johnny Apple Seed says:

"Impact Tape"….just adjust/improve your stance, posture, and alignment until you can consistently pure the sweet spot on the club……Instant visual feedback…..When I practice with the tape, I stripe the ball for awhile like a touring pro.

_ ssprague says:

Really loved the video, gents! Keep up the great work. Is it possible to get a training session with you guys since you are in Cali for the winter? /fingers crossed

Topbloke Golf Vlogs says:

Another great video guys ??

Harry Flower Golf says:

Get your Mo-vember on lads

Jason Little says:

I like the idea of the eyeline speed trap but think it is flawed for use on a driving range. You would hit the sponge once and it would fly onto the driving range, you can't walk onto a range to pick things up. you would feel self conscious about hitting the sponge again and having to walk out and pick it up. Not too mention the ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS price of nearly £100 
I totally understand you have to pay a price for R&D etc and for the support of videos etc etc but this product has been out quite some time and the price has never come down. The distributors should be wearing a black and white stripy jumper and carrying a swag bag.

Víctor Garza says:

The eyeline speedtrap looks awesome, wonder if it would brake if you hit it fat

Spencer Wong says:

I haven't tried these training aids specifically but I have used towels and strings behind the ball to encourage what the first two tools do and the one thing I've found is that my body compensates by moving towards the target laterally (which is bad). I think that a lot of amateurs will compensate for a downward strike using proper rotation over the front leg with a lateral shift. The last training aid is interesting though promoting proper swing path.

Erik Maas says:

Thanks for Speedtrap review, that little guy has been an incredible help for me!

Jon Sanders says:

You guys are my go to YouTube channel for questions and advice

BrunoLupo says:

Why Piers is aiming right with the feet when hitting the ball??

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