5 Golf Hacks That Will Change Your Game!

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This week on the impact show we're going to give you 5 golfing hacks that will change your game using basic household items! Lets take charge of your game.

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Valentino Sabuco says:

Nice JOB!!! Thanks!!!

Mickey Sealtoe says:

"we can land on the Sun, but only if we arrive at night." – Joe Blinden

razerfish says:

Why are these guys dressed the same?

Diego Pérez says:

Really useful tips. Thanks.

Santiago De Ponce says:

Unfortunately a ‘reaction’ segment of internet training
Action-reaction would be leagues more helpful

Andreas Beschorner says:

Mine is 2 up, 2 years later

fxcjr0521 says:

1 degree up

Anthony Foster says:

One degree up…. Great drills.

mariocastillo813 says:

Do these tips help with someone who plays a fade?

Rutherford Hayes says:

1 degree up

Chris Webber says:

I can’t stand how these guys always dress the same like some twin toddlers

emptysea113 says:

very good and useful

Wakefield Hutchinson says:

1 up please seee this

wildduck32 says:

Oh my gosh..I wish I watched this video years ago when I first started playing! Awesome tips and tricks!

Alfred Brown says:

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Best luck

Ralph Pena says:

Is the spoon drill only for irons?

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